Finding A "Grand Challenge" For Libraries

This grand challenge would require librarians, information scientists, telecommunication experts and specialists on space flight. The lessons learned could be applied to earth-bound libraries and could re-envision how libraries are connected to each other and to the resources that they use. It could also impact other industries and how they communicate or share information. The work could place libraries and librarians front and center in a number of communities because we would need to be involved in creating the solution.


Saturn is 3 years away at spacecraft speed. But light speed from Earth to Saturn is just under one hour.

Updates could be sent electronically to the library and it would take less than an hour for those updates to arrive at the spacecraft.

For missions outside our solar system there would be a point where we could not update via signal from earth. But we have never even gotten to Saturn or Jupiter or even Mars with people. All of those locations could be easily updated electronically. Once we get to those locations we can worry about what would happen when we go further out.

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