Design errors, cost overrruns delay opening


This Story from Florida shows that planning is the second most important thing when building a new library.

\"The research and cultural heritage center was expected to open by early 2001 but will not do so until as late as March 2002. Construction has been pushed back as county officials grapple with the potential of $2.5 million in cost overruns because of problems with the design of the library. \"

\"The latest delays, though, are raising concerns among some residents who have pushed for the library for a decade and are working to raise money to furnish it and pay for some of its collections.
\"There have been so many promises made to the northwest area that were never followed through on, and I don\'t want to see that happen here,\" said Edison Wheeler, who has lived and worked in the neighborhood near the library since 1949.
\"This is a real test for them. I\'m not one who is willing to wait and am getting a little edgy. We had the groundbreaking, and it needs to get started.\"
But Irene Hart, executive director of the Washington Park Civic Association, which has helped raise funds for the library, said the delay does not concern her as long as the library is built. \"Whatever it takes to get it straight and get it started, do it,\" she said.\"

The most important thing is of course location!