Kerry's Record on Civil Liberties

Submitted by tomeboy on Mon, 07/26/2004 - 20:44

In a recent post I used the term "unknown quantity" to describe John F Kerry. The following
illustrates Mr. Kerry's historical ambivalence with civil liberties and how he and John Aschroft, though long time political rivals, have argued from different sides of the fence.

Consider then Senator Ashcroft's response to the Secure Public Networks Act, co-sponsored by John F Kerry back in 1997.
"To date, we have heard a great deal about the needs of law enforcement and not enough about the privacy needs of the rest of us," said then-Sen. Ashcroft in a 1997 speech to the Computer and Communications Industry Association. "While we need to revise our laws to reflect the digital age, one thing that does not need revision is the Fourth Amendment... Now, more than ever, we must protect citizens' privacy from the excesses of an arrogant, overly powerful government."