Mariah Carey Plans To Pen Series Of Children's Books

Proof that anyone can write a childrens book From MTV. Having shelved the idea of writing a memoir, Mariah Carey is pulling a Madonna and wants to do children's books instead.
The book series would focus on a biracial orphan girl who goes on a journey of "self-discovery, navigating difficulties and misunderstandings, making the world a better place," a source close to the singer said.


I also hear she wants to direct.

I wonder if this orphan will wait 'til her third album to become publicly proud of her biracial heritage...

I don't think that she did that. I recall that she noted her mixed ethnicity many years ago and I think that she noted it was not important to her work. I agree with that, why would it be important to someone who sings for a living.

A bit off topic, but I am of mixed heritage so my dad tells me. He was from Ireland and my mom was from hell. ( how do you insert a sound - a drum rimshot?)