Pinkerton, Behave! Stays Put in Illinois


Fang-Face writes "As the story title suggests, this children's book will not be removed from the Evanston Library. You can read
a brief article at American Libraries Online
, and this report through the NORWELD regional library system, Northwest Ohio. I'm having a bit of difficulty finding a really good source. Pages are gone 404 and the Chicago Trib demands registration.

As if!

The rest of the hits from the google search appear to lead to web logs."


Most of the> on google are for>>> of a UPI article, and are a bit on the short side.

The two that Fanc-Face linked to show a greater amount of context, but don't inlcude (what I thought were) two interesting tid-bits from the UPI feed:

"A good library collection should have something to offend everyone," said Jan Bojda, head of children's services at the library. "If they don't, they are not doing their job."

The library board's decision came on a 6-0 vote, Bojda said.

Thanks for providing that information - fabulous quote! If only more people felt that way!:-)