PCs for Everyone! YAY!

My new PCs will be arriving on our doorstep Tuesday. Where the hell am I going to put all the boxes, the joyful, love filled, boxes I haven't yet begun to hate?

Strangely enough, some librarians don't want new machines. I want so badly to replace all the IBMs. That's all that matters.

I think our filter needs to be restarted. They were having some server problems this week, and I think the service somehow stopped or aborted or something. Anyway, I got treated to a bunch of teens baring all on the iMac today. Honest to god, I like nudity and stuff as much as the next chick, but that's just sort of icky in a public library. Come on.

GregS has a nice point on my HTML classes theory... Although I've been thinking of maybe rethinking some of our policies. If I got a grant to do it, I would write in some computers with CDRWs and such, and probably have them dedicated to both word processing and internet when they were on the floor. I don't like the idea of people uploading or downloading on my machines, honestly. I think, though, we're going to have to yield to some of these things.

More discussion: Do your libraries allow saving to disk on anything other than word processing terminals? We don't allow floppies in our internet machines. I like it this way, sometimes. Sometimes I think it's a little unreasonable.

Honestly, if I were a patron, it would frustrate the bejeesus out of me. There are plenty of legitimate things people use disks for. Then, there are plenty of people that just want to fudge up your machine, too, and I spend a lot of time fixing machines. Fortres and Win2K are pretty good about not allowing execution of files on the desktop. But I worry.

Boy do I ever.

Today was a controlled sort of busy. It went quickly, which was nice. I got some stuff done, which was nice.

Today was one of those days I like my job. I like my job every day, but today was one of those days I was behind the desk thinking, "Damn, I like my job."


"Strangely enough, some librarians don't want new machines. I want so badly to replace all the IBMs. That's all that matters."

I really don't understand people who don't want new computers. Or who get them and then don't use them. The almost-new-hardly-been-used computer I'm getting at the end of June is a case in point. This teacher was given a brandly new dell PC and she hardly touched it! She won't be at our school next year and her classroom will be empty which is why I'm getting her computer. Me, I'd've been all over it. And I will be in a couple weeks. *G*