If you had a paperback-sized device that allowed you watch any movie or show on demand, anywhere, for free, would you still read books?

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Trick question! You assume I read books now.

Heck, I'm home most of the time and have a device that makes watching movies and shows pleasurable (which I wouldn't find any paperback-sized screen to be--I mean, c'mon, Star Wars on a 6" screen?). But I spend about an hour a day using that device, and more than an hour a day reading books and other print resources.

I have to agree, the idea of watching most movies, and even TV shows, on a tiny screen is less than appealing. But then again, I find most movies, and especially most TV, less than appealing as it is.

--insert standard bookworm paragraph about the benefits of using your own imagination instead of having everything visualized for you--

Besides, in order for any electronic device to replace books, it will have to be waterproof and not electrocute me when I drop it into the bathtub!

Too much of the fare on television and in films is just stultifying crap.

Even material that is interesting can only go so far.

Books are not interrupted by commercial breaks; although there is almost invariably some drooling, alliterate moron who wants to know what you're reading.

For all the reasons given already, but also because movies etc are only ever a pale reflection of the book they are puportedly based upon.

Of Course! It's a totally different experience reading than watching a movie and even if it's the "same" title the book has so much more detail and emotion in it. Also, I wouldn't want to watch a movie on a screen that small.