How Many Feeds Are In Your Reader?


Except for class purposes, I do my best to keep my feeds to 10...yep...10...hate Info Overload from my Info Mgmt tool

I have more than 300 but not more than I can manage...

I'd agree with Michael - I'm at 335 or so right now, but managing just fine...

Added a new choice, though I think you're both liars!

Nah, I'd bet that Michael and David are both managing just fine, as am I (with 349 at the moment).

I had no idea how many I have. Just checked and it's 274 now, which is probably about as many as I can handle.

As to a traditional feed reader, I only have around 20 feeds. Now if you count iTunes as a feed reader (podcasts are just another thing distributed via RSS), then there is an issue there. I don't use iTunes in the same way a more traditional reader would be used, though.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

120 at the moment, but it's a very flexible number. Was as high as 250 at one point, but that was unmanageable as lots of them were high-frequency posters. Have been as low as 80 but felt that I was missing things.

I'm at 153 right now, but it'll have to be trimmed. Several of them are already in the expanding "someday reading" folder -- my expression of optimism.

335? sheesh! I have 92 and feel the urge to cut back as I want to read everything. I must learn the zen of skimming.

230 feeds + 46 podcast subscriptions. I seem to add new feeds almost every day.

167 - including about 15 keyword searches and 10 podcasts.

46 for me

That number changes all the time.

349 at the moment, and I'm coping with them just fine--actually, that's down quite a bit (I've been trimming).

OK, so scanning some of those blogs is indirectly part of my job--but I was doing it anyway, and it really doesn't take very long.

Now, if you asked how many blogs I've read in the last year--that's an ugly number (>1,000), but there were reasons.

You're all lying, now stop. Anyone who reads more than me is a liar. Anyone who reads less is wimpy.

I hover around the 310 mark - I have to reserve one day a month to go through and get rid of any unupdated feeds.

And I can keep up with most of it - as long as I have an internet connection every two days. Five days on vacation in heathen wireless area? NIGHTMARE upon my return.

If I miss a day there are hundreds of posts to sort through. Sometimes it's just too much.

It's overwhelming some days, especially if I haven't checked in for a couple of days but I've learned that there are some (news feeds--esp) that I can hit "mark all as read" if I'm feeling a bit too much. If it's important, it'll come around again.

349, guys? Seriously? Maybe it's because most of mine are things like lisnews and MetaFilter, but if I read all of my feeds in a day, it's because I haven't done any work.

I'm not even sure what to count as "my reader". A lot of the feeds I look at in my LiveJournal "friends pages" or as links from my MyYahoo! pages, and a few I get as e-mails. A few, such as LISNews and Unshelved I get in all three ways, and sometimes on two or three different e-mail addresses at that, so I never fail to catch them!

I just checked. I have 118 feeds on my LiveJournal, but not all of them are library related. Some are related in other ways to books, authors, or publishing, though.