SirsiDynix to Consolidate Products on New Platform

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 03/27/2007 - 12:12

Paula J. Hane points to This Announcement over at Info Today on a big move by SirsiDynix. SirsiDynix (which was recently acquired by San Francisco-based Vista Equity Partners), has announced a major consolidation of its core products in a new technology platform that the company said builds upon the best features of each. The single platform, code-named "Rome" and based largely on the Unicorn system, will allow the company to focus its development efforts and implement changes in a more timely way. While SirsiDynix clearly hopes its new offering will prove compelling to its customers and disruptive to competitors, it is clear that the company's library customers now face a tough and disruptive decision: migrate to Rome, stay with existing products that will no longer be developed, or opt for an alternative product. [Maybe like something from].
Update: 03/27 11:11 GMT by B :A couple interesting comments have popped up worth reading on this one, Anonymous Patron says Open Source doesn't have the features to match proprietary, Josh Ferraro responds with "features that librarians want, they aren't forced upgrades being pushed out by a vendor. The role of the vendor in OSS is that of facilitator, and many libraries find that to be a refreshing difference." Josh is President of Liblime.
Do Open Source systems have the features libraries need?