Google's NEW Weekly Countdown writes "Google is now sharing it's most Popular Search Terms Weekly...

As plain to see- Although, many of the most educated and learned professionals in the world swear - by Google - they are far outnumbered by plain ole' simple folk, as seen in the Top Gaining Queries Week Ending February 2, 2004
1. janet jackson

2. superbowl halftime

3. mtv

4. justin timberlake

5. tom brady

For you Google historians - here are some more "Insight" into Google History - Links
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With all the news about Google, librarians want to stay ahead of the curve. O'Reilly, the publisher of quality computer manuals, has two manuals on Google. The Google Hacks books is especially important becasue it discusses how software can be used to obtain additional information from Google. For libraries with a web programmer they may be able to use these tools and provide information from Google that people cannot get at home.

Google Hacks -- This book contains information on detailed searching at Google but it also includes information about how you can modify your library website to obtain additional functions from Google. There is done with Google API, the collection of capabilities that Google exposes for use by software.

Google Pocket Guide -- This guide would also be useful for patrons to increase their knowledge of searching.