Controversial Book Still Sits on Director's Desk

"Eat Me," a juicy romp in which food serves as sex props or alludes to body parts, remains on Sieg's desk at library headquarters in Ocala. It's been there since July 5, when a patron challenged the explicit novel as too lurid for general circulation and advocated relocating it from the adult fiction section.

The board wants the book restored to the shelf, but it seems the Director just hasn't gotten around to it yet...
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Now there's a new one:

A director who's pretty clearly trying to keep a popular book off the shelves even though her own advisory board says it's fine.

And who won't allow users to borrow it via ILL because the library owns it...sitting "safely" on her desk.

Librarianship at its finest!

I'm just looking for a block of time to put fingers to the keyboard

So is Ms. Sieg malfeasant or simply incompetent? Would the patrons of the library be better served by serving a court order or a termination notice?