Wikipedia wonder

I wonder why the list of celebrities that are listed on the Republican Celebrities page sourced while almost all of those on the Democratic page is not.

Is this a problem? Is this a failure of wikipedia to give equal treatment to differing points of view, like the recent Southwest & American Airlines fiasco? Is this a reflection of the online community's youth in that more younger people tend to be supporters of the Democratic party than the Republican party? I don't know of anyone over 45 who uses Wikipedia, but I do know plenty of younger people who no matter how hard I try to convince them refuse to believe it is not authoratative.

The disparity in these two entries makes Wikipedia something, but I'm not sure what.

N.B. In case anyone does not know I am a registered Republican but I don't live and die the party line. Heck I've even been called a progressive.


I looked on the "history" page for each article and found that they have different authors. Apparently the R authors (mainly Pitchka) is more thorough about such things than the D authors (several, some identified only by IP number).

The nature of Wikipedia being what it is, if you want to find sources/links for each D celebrity and add them to the article, you are free to do so.

What does it mean that I recognized virtually ALL of the D celebs and only about 60 percent of the Rs... Of course, I had to look up Rip Torn, because at first I was thinking of someone else, and I thought, surely he couldn't be a Republican....

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