Another post unposted

Submitted by Walt on Tue, 09/06/2005 - 04:15

I wrote a whole entry here about why I just unsubbed from one of the many excess Bloglines subs I've had recently--mostly because the blogger claimed a societal bias against religion, and used as evidence an article that said not one word about religion, but did discuss efforts to fight homophobia. Given the seeming equation of religion and homophobia (and the absurd idea that America is somehow anti-religious, I guess because non-believers still aren't burned at the stake or "deported" immediately), I just gave up on the blog.

This is what's left of it. Oh, and Mdoneil, if you're reading, I don't have appropriate skills to volunteer directly in what's left of NOLA, but we did send total amount at this point not relevant and our business to the only non-religious charity that seemed to be accepting web donations, the American Red Cross. And will probably send more later.