SF film archive records and preserves history


San Franciscans wanting to get rid of boxes of old super-8s can drop their canisters off at the San Francisco Media Archives, a museum that has a very inclusive collection development policy. In exchange for their donations of everything from family vacations to experimental and educational movies, donors are given viewable copies on disc or tape. Films donated to the archives are used by researchers, historians and the general public. More here from the San Francisco Chronicle.


I am reminded of a story I heard a few weeks ago on Studio 360wnyc.org> about a film project called Decasiadecasia.com> that used old deteriorating celluloid to examine decay as art.

This has been an ongoing effort for a number of years and we donated a number of reels to them that we found in my uncle's garage after he passed away. Many of these were family films from the early 1960s that we didn't even know existed!

They provided a VHS copy of them for our viewing and my aunt (who was in her late 80s) got great joy from seeing them... she has since passed on and the tapes are a real treasure for their children.

Hopefully, the Archive will be able to use them at some point in the future- there were images on there of Lake Merrit (in Oakland) and the Alameda County Courthouse, as well as the Downtown Oakland "skyline" which has changed quite a bit inthe past 40 years.