A year has come and gone...

Yes, I have been at my job a year this week. Well, if you exclude all that sick time, which for all intents and purposes for now, I am. I did what work I could from home. Of course, as a librarian, that ain't too too much.

I've put a blog
entry in here in response to my anniversary and response to Ashtabula's, Dorothea's, and Meredith's discussions on finding a job with an MLS. I think part of what makes things easier was that I wasn't holding out (and didn't need to hold out, having a husband with a decent salary) for great amounts of pay. I get paid okay, don't get me wrong... but I ain't rolling in the dough.

Had a paraprofessional say to me... 'You must get, what? Thirty dollars an hour?' When my sides stopped hurting from the laughter, I realized I get paid slightly more than she does. That depressed me till I realized I've been there less than a year... and she'd been there 30+ years. Of course, I've got barrels of student loans.

It's all worth it, I keep mumbling to myself. It's all worth it.

Seriously... I think it was all, mostly, either just a stroke of dumb luck for me, or perhaps someone up there was looking out for me.


Modesty is always good but don't sell yourself short. Love of books is sweet, an MLS is okay, computer skills are a big bonus, but the ability to communicate will put you over the top everytime. Your blogs show an ability and a willingness to share what you know which is vital to patrons, staff, and management.

Congratulations on your one year anniversary and thank you for keeping us all up to date on the techie end of things.

As far as jobs and salaries go: the other day I used one of those nice money converters some library has on site based on cpi, and discovered that my beginning salary, fresh MLS, would today be need to be about $34,500. Is that entry level today (midwest, academic library, faculty rank)? I have no idea what the salaries are, knowing only that Ashtabula Guy couldn't make enough to live on in rural PA. I was on numerous search committees in the 90s, but none of those positions were entry level and because of negotiation with the candidates, I'm not sure I ever knew the final outcome of salary.

I think I'm making a little more because of the technical skills. I think entry level in MA is supposed to be 40K or 41K (I haven't looked it up recently), which I am not quite at (nearly, though). But I will take the tradeoffs... My commute rocks, and I like where I am.

I am always kind of appalled to see the positions that want years of experience and pay $28,000. I always wonder what kind of drugs the human resources people posting those positions are taking...

Thanks, Greg.:)

I never thought about it that way... I'm sure the network, when Horizon is acting up wishes I didn't communicate so well. Hee hee.