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'Hotmail' man launches blogeverywhere.com

An article posted in IBN Live reports a new software called Blogeverywhere that aims at taking blogging to the masses. According to this site, "BlogEverywhere is a simple way for you to log your thoughts and comments on any web page "without leaving it" . It enables you to have a conversation with other readers of that page." Of the one billion people who use the internet, a little over 25 million blog. And that's a figure that is fast growing.

New Technologies and Public Libraries

One of the key findings in a special report by Research and Markets include, 'Increasingly, public libraries are viewing themselves as places to introduce new technologies to the public.

Public Knowledge - Advocacy Group

Public Knowledge is a Washington DC based advocacy group working to defend your rights in the emerging digital culture. It is a group of lawyers, technologists, lobbyists, academics, volunteers and activists dedicated to fortifying and defending a vibrant information commons.

Access this resource at: Public Knowledge.

Abington Library's Collaboration Project

(NOTE: This is one of my projects that I envisioned during my discussion with Naomy Hardy, a highly talented Junior from the Abington High School and a volunteer at the Abington Township Public Library. The project received vaulable support from Naomi's teachers at her school, the library's Executive Director- Nancy Hammeke Marshall, Head of the Reference Department-Mimi Satterthwaite, and the Library's webmaster-Karen Burnham.

ICT Technology test to assess literacy skills

Jay writes "A new test to measure high school students information and technological literacy skills will be implemented this year. Excerpt: 'The ICT Literacy Assessment touches on traditional skills, such as analytical reading and math, but with a technological twist. Test-takers, for instance, might be asked to query a database, compose an e-mail based on their research, or seek information on the Internet and decide how reliable it is.

Google tries to win publishers over at Delhi's book fair

The Business Standard reported an article about how Google is spearheading discussion on books at the recent Delhi Book Fair in India.


"Google has turned on the charm at the book fair in Delhi. "Books are written to be discovered, and that’s the challenge we’re helping publishers solve with Google Book Search," gushes Gautam Anand, strategic partner development manager, Google Inc; "it’s a great discovery tool."

[email protected] | Edublogs: Where to find vision and new di

Joyce Kasman Valenza, in Philadelphia Inquirer, writes about educational blogs and how they can guide us to find new vision and directions. See
[email protected] | Edublogs: Where to find vision and new direction for the complete article.

India Digitizes Age-Old Wisdom

According to a news article published in the Washington Post, Sunday, January 8, 2006; Page A22, India's ancient health remedies from its traditional system of medicine called 'Ayurveda' will soon be made electronically available through a new database being designed.


Business of Books: Future of book publishing in India

Sridhar Balan in the Financial Express points out that several international publishers feel the readership in India has become more matured and is expanding rapidly. Some Excerpts: "To tap this readership, there has been a virtual revolution in the way books are being retailed in this country. While most of the stores have cafeterias, the concept seems to have further expanded with retailers having tie-ups with Barista and Cafe Coffee Day even in up-country towns." and "At Frankfurt, India made its Guest of Honour presentation for Frankfurt 2006.

ISI Web of Knowledge Library Center

ISI Knowledge Link Library network can be accessed at ISI Web of Knowledge Library Center. The site provides access to product support, librarian support and user support sites among other useful resources. User support section includes tip sheets, quick reference cards and various product tutorials such as Web of Science and Journal Citation Reports. A tutorial on Cited Reference Searching is also available at Comprehensive Cited Reference Searching

EDUSAT network of universities from US and India launched

This is an interesting development in which participating universities of both countries will be collaborating on engineering and nanotechnology related projects. Excerpt: "Opening a new chapter in Indo-US academic cooperation, President A P J Abdul Kalam on Thursday inaugurated an EDUSAT Network of universities from both the countries and urged them to focus on research and development in areas like energy and nanotechnology."


Jay Kegeley in his blog Kegliography reports an interesting electronic tool Writely that allows you to edit documents online with whomever you choose, and then publish and blog them online. You will also be able to: Upload Word documents, HTML or text (or create documents from scratch). Use simple WSIWYG editor to format your documents, spell-check them, etc. among many other things.

Yahoo! Adds content from Gawker Media

TechWhack News, "Search engine giant Yahoo! is now adding content from social media blogs to their news sections. They have collaborated with Gawker Media who publishes more than a dozen blogs covering media gossip, politics, Hollywood, electronic gadgets, and more. The content from these sites would now also be covered by the popular Yahoo! New service." Read the full article at
Yahoo! Adds content from Gawker Media.

College & Research Libraries is now freely available online

Paul Pival in his Distant Librarian blog reports an earlier entry by David
that announced that the College & Research Libraries is now freely available online six months after the original publication date.

For more information, see:

College & Research Libraries online.

ACS Directory of Graduate Education (DGR)

The ACS Directory of Graduate Education (DGR) is the most comprehensive source of information on chemical research and researchers at universities in the U.S. and Canada.

Search for faculty includes specific research area, academic rank, gender, and state, and the search results produce complete contact information for faculty including direct links to faculty email addresses and web pages, when provided.


Really Simple Sidi (RSS), a blog by Rafael Sidi, reports some interesting and very informative sites. One of them is ispecies.org, a 'species' search engine. It can be accessed at:
which uses web services to talk to source databases, extract data, and assemble a page for each species.
For more information, see Rafael's blog entry at: ispecies.org

ScienceDirect Info Site

ScienceDirect’s Info site gives an introduction to everything ScienceDirect has to offer librarians and researchers. Here you will find an overview of the ScienceDirect family of products and services, a summary of the ScienceDirect content coverage and licensing options, and the terms and conditions under which it is available. More information is available at: AboutScienceDirect's Info Site

E-Research and Institutional Partnerships

Open Access News: News from the open access movement recently posted an interesting article on the immense possibilities of archiving E-Research data through national, international and global collaboration among different types of organizations and institutions. According to the author, Linda O'Brien, librarians could play a crucial role in providing specialist know-how in managing, preserving, and making accessible the research data worldwide.

American Institute of Physics RSS Feeds

American Institute of Physics now provides RSS feeds of several of its journal titles. The listing of the RSS feeds of journal title is available at AIP RSS feeds. This was reported earlier on a library weblog by Steven Cohen called the Librarystuff and it can be accessed at American Institute of Physics RSS Feeds.


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