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Scirus Partners with Indian Institute of Science

reported a collaboration between Scirus and the Indian Institute of Science in which the digital content of the Institute will be indexed in Scirus.
Scirus will index two institutional repositories, [email protected] and [email protected]. The former is an eprints archiving facility for the IISc research community and the latter a digital repository of theses and dissertations of IISc' students and researchers.
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Directory of Medical and Health Feeds

Directory of Medical and Health Feeds

Submit RSS feeds that relate to medical or health issues to this topical medical feeds directory. All the feeds are grouped by topic so that someone interested in say Rheumatology can easily locate appropriate feeds, to stay current on that medical issue or condition.

Medical Feeds

Directory of Medical and Health Feeds

Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics

About the Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Today's Public Libraries Are Thriving Technology Hubs

Despite 99% of all Public Libraries in the United States provide free public access to the Internet, they have not seen a corresponding increase in budgets.

Excerpt: The study, "Public Libraries and the Internet 2006," was conducted by the Information Use Management and Policy Institute at Florida State University (FSU) and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Library Association.

US university restores 700-yr-old Indian scriptures

Sachin Kalbag reports a unique project to digitally archive and preserve 700 year old Indian scriptures in his article in DNAINDIA.

DRIVER: Networking European Scientific Repositories

The "Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research" (DRIVER) project responds to the vision that any form of scientific-content resource, including scientific/technical reports, research articles, experimental or observational data, rich media and other digital objects should be freely accessible through simple Internet-based infrastructures.

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DRIVER: Networking European Scientific Repositories

Doc's prescription for tele-medicine

How is the Internet helping tele-medicine to grow in villages of India? An article recently published in Moneycontrol website points out the benefits of Internet in shaping tele-medicine in India.

Useful Reference sites from Virtualchase

LEGAL RESEARCH GUIDE: Finding Facts from Virtualchase is a compilation of electronic reference sites. Some of the sites included here are: Airport & City Code Converter, helps to convert airport or city codes to airport or city names and vice versa.

Free printable highway travel guides

As Reported in Lifehacker web site, you can 'Check out MileByMile.com's bonanza of free, printable highway travel guides for the US, Canada, and Mexico' at Free Highway Travel Guides. Note: Hundreds of these guides were created by local businesses in exchange for advertising.

Library upgrade bridges digital divide

Here is an article that points out how business of a public library grows rapidly when all its outdated computers were updated resulting in more community members using the computers and contributing to bridge the digital divide.


Information-Seeking Habits of Environmental Scientists

Janet Murphy in the Summer 2003 issue of 'Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship' points out the importance of developing and learning 'extensive scientific background, vocabulary and various subject research tools' in order to be able to efficiently retrieve needed information by the scientists and researchers. Excerpt: "It is clear that interdisciplinary researchers carry a heavy research burden, and many are having difficulty keeping up with the literature despite the increased availability of online databases."

An Indian village has uploaded itself onto the Internet

Excerpt from a recent news items from Yahoo News.
"An Indian village has uploaded itself onto the Internet, giving the outside world a glimpse of life in rural India.Visitors to Hansdehar village's Web site
smartvillages can see the names, jobs and other details of its 1,753 residents, browse photographs of their shops and read detailed specifications about their drainage and electricity facilities."

AZoMs Materials/Engineering RSS News Feed

The AZoM.com (the A to Z of Materials) was formed with the primary aim of increasing the use of Advanced Materials by the engineering and design community worldwide. AZoM has recently implemented an RSS news feed of 10 most current news articles. These articles change on a daily basis and can be found on the front page of the AZoM site.

See: AZoM's Materials/Engineering RSS News Feed

Science in your backyard from USGS

As reported in Marylaine's 'Neat New Stuff I found on the Net This Week', Science in your backyard is a database in which one can choose a state and find links to real-time information on that state's water, drought, and earthquake activity, to biological, mineral and recreation resources, and Geological Survey news releases.

EarthTrends - comprehensive environmental online database

EarthTrends is a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world.

One of nation's largest databases for wind energy research

According to a recent article published in E-Composites.com, MSU/DOE Fatigue Database for Composite Materials is one of the world's largest open-access libraries on wind turbine materials and the largest in the United States. It is used by researchers around the globe. This data is available from the Sandia National Laboratories web site.

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One of nation's largest databases for wind energy research

Gateway to Global Culture Launched

Collective images of the World can be accessed from Global Memory Net made available through UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme.

Excerpt: "Global Memory Net, an online image library and gateway to cultural, historical, and heritage images around the world, has just been launched with a number of collections included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme."

Internet Brands Launches Wikipedia for Cars

As reported in a recent posting,
Internet Brands Launches Wikipedia for Cars (from ResearchBuzz), Wikicars is a collaborative guide about new cars and all things automotive.

Scholarly use of information: Graduate students' informatio

Title: Scholarly use of information:
Graduate students' information seeking behavior

Authors: Carole George, Alice Bright, Terry Hurlbert, Erika C. Linke, Gloriana St. Clair, and Joan Stein
Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

Introduction. This study explored the graduate students' information behavior as it informs their process of inquiry and scholarly activities.

Google School

Google School from Lifehacker provides some tips that we may find useful while answering some reference questions at our Information Desk. For example, Google School: Map Area Codes provides ability to see a map of that Area code at the very top as well as the area that it covers.

Source of this finding: PopSciBlog


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