A tale of two libraries


Andover, NH (Not MA) is a town with two libraries, and The HREF=\"http://www.concordmonitor.com/stories/front0699/sjm_an
doverlibraries.shtml\">Concord Monitor has an interesting
story on the goings on in this small town.

\". This is
a true tale of two libraries, after all. And truth, as it
turns out, is stranger and sweeter than fiction. So bring on
the happy ending.

It has all the makings of a best seller: a small-town drama
twined with courtroom suspense, a plot crammed with history
and mystery, a quirky little subplot sketching life in this
poetically named setting, a cast of characters that includes
good guys and good guys and . .Sitting together at a study table in the William Bachelder
Library this week, Richards and Clark were savoring the
silky feel of new book jackets and reveling in the thought
of more to come. Within the space of a week, both have dug
up hidden treasures - stacks of shiny new money for their
tired old libraries.

That\'s right, two libraries, both in the town of Andover,
both securing money for new shelves and new books and little
luxuries like hot water. But not together, mind you. Andover
doesn\'t sustain two libraries just for the fun of it. One is
your typical public library, funded through the town\'s
coffers. And thanks to a surplus in the budget, the library
has just received the tidy sum of $245,000 for renovations
and expansion.

\"It\'s been a long time coming,\" said
Clark, librarian of the public library, who fought for the
money at last week\'s town