What New Blogs Are You Reading? Let Walt Know


Walt's finishing up Phase 1 of The Liblog Landscape, 2007-2008: A Lateral View (possibly not the final title). Phase 1 has two parts: Identifying liblogs that should be part of the study/survey, and doing the blog-level metrics for those blogs.

Right now, the list consists of 587 blogs. You can see the list here (yes, it’s in alphabetical order, leaving out initial articles and symbols), or click on the last of the “Pages” in the right column (which gets you to the same list).

If you know of a blog or blogs that meet the criteria below and aren’t currently on the list, let Walt know–either by commenting here or by sending me email at waltcrawford, domain gmail.com.


You know what's funny. I have often thought that I should start a blog of my library interactions, but now after reviewing the list I see that I should not...

Hey, with more than 150,000 librarians in the U.S. alone, and with "only" a thousand or so liblogs (I'm guessing there are another few hundred operating "under the radar," with few or no inbound links), there's always room for one more.

List link goes to 404.

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