What Facebook Quizzes Know About You: Take Action FB Users

What Facebook Quizzes Know About You - NYTimes.com advises facebook users that even if they themselves don't use a particular app, that the app. can access their personal information if a friend uses it.

Links for adjusting your privacy settings are included in the article. At the present time, the ACLU of Northern California is taking action to raise awareness of privacy issues surrounding Facebook applications, in particular quizzes.

Advice from a colleague: DELETE your FB apps NOW: At the top of the FB page, click on Settings, then Application Settings. At top right, it says Show: & a drop down menu. Select Authorized. This will bring up a list of all the APPS you have authorized to have access to y...our information. Use the X on the right side of each one you want to delete. If there is no X, that means it is a Facebook created app you cannot delete.


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Canadians beat New Yorkers to the punch

Read it and don't weep: the Canadians got Facebook to make changes, it will be a year. I find it fascinating that both the NYT article and the CBC (aka Canadian Broadcasting Company) stories broke Thursday and that the LIS article came to my Twitter stream today, August 30, nearly 3 days later.


Suzi W.
Pittsburgh, PA


Remember, none of us get paid for the work we do on this site. We post what we catch when we can.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

...and you do a good job, too.

Stephen, thanks to you and everyone who volunteers time to make LISNews.

School Library Media Specialist

thank you Scott

it's nice to hear from our readers

this is what gets me...

I use FB, and I have my settings turned down to 0 access (or maybe 1)... and I would never click on a game to see what Leave It to Beaver character I should schtup (hint: Wally has a twin sister who went away to live in a convent), AND I would never think that any fellow professional would fall for this crap....

so on the one one hand, no one wants to be the jerk who reports what everyone else already knows, but on the other, how do you know if everyone knows unless you say it???

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