Video Books?


Why? Super abridged? Watching someone read a book to me on a monitor? Yawn!!!!

Years ago I called one of those 'let us help you patent your idea' places that advertise on late night television.

I thought audio pornographic movies for the blind was a wonderful idea.

They never called back.

Huh, dyslexia's new friend? Might be good for the visually impaired, too - including those folks who just get eyestrain issues with reading. Might help someone like me trying to learn a foreign language if I had this and a book for immersion purposes - and wow - this would help my storytime practice, especially if there was a sign language component.

Sure, it's really lame now. What's with the edits? I am the only one sensing a little Fahrenheit 451 in the room too? The good news is there is some potential that might be worth seeing through here.

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