Unglue: Giving books to the world by crowd funding


The good thing about Unglue.it as I see it is that everyone is a winner. The author gets paid for his work and the world gets unlimited access to the book – What’s not to like about it? I think Unglue.it is the most democratic book project you can imagine.
The first book has already been unglued and is therefore yours too – it is “Oral Literature In Africa” by Ruth H. Finnegan – 278 world citizens participated in unglueing this book raising 7500 dollars – The e-book version is available for download from the Unglue.it website. You can go to Unglue.it to learn more and make your own pledge to give the gift of a book to the world.


'To accept a fixed amount of money'

I guess that is the only potential downside. It's a one-off payment. Your books could be the best thing since sliced bread, but you're only ever going to make £$€x out of it.
Of course these days you can see that as a marketing thing, that people will buy your later work etc etc but it still might be an issue to some people who actually want to make a living out of writing rather than just getting their work out there.

Great though :)

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