Texas A&M Libraries Film The Research Games

Need to read The Art of War? At Texas A&M’s libraries, the odds are ever in your favor. The library’s new orientation and marketing video is a ‘tribute’ to the bestselling YA book The Hunger Games and its movie adaptation.

The article contains clips of the video. Take a look and let us know what you think of them in the comments. Good? Bad? Cheesy? Awesome? Let us know what you think.

Full article here.


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The so-called "Art of War"

The alleged "Sun Tzu - Art of War is a title mis-translation. The title is actually "Ping-fa" and the subject is The Art of Managing without Conflict. This matter has been fully researched and is now in published format. The School of Sun Tzu: Winning Empires without War makes clear that Ping-fa was the work of a learned academy in pre-China, and that it was created as a methodology to help Qin end war and bring about the first empire of Chia. The book is available from amazon dot com and iuniverse dot com as wells as barnes & noble. http://tinyurl.com/btn3e9y

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