A Librarian At Every Table [Community Outreach and Activism]

kctipton writes "I found 'A Librarian at Every Table' today while doing a little editing at It's an interesting concept (meaning, I've never seen it done): librarians as local community builders and activists. It's a site by Kathleen de la Peña McCook who got her Ph.D. from UW-Madison. She's apparently given ALA (and other) presentations, so some of you may have heard her speak.

I'd love to hear from those of you who have done this sort of thing or have seen it done. Sure librarians can occasionally organize and get the attention of the national press... but what else?"


Stump The Librarian

Anonymous Patron writes "here's a neat idea The Deer Park Public Library is presenting a unique challenge to its patrons. Throughout National Library Week, April 18–24, Deer Park Reference Librarians will challenge the community to "Stump the Librarian," by defying library-goers to present a question they don’t think they could answer!"


Marketing your library - from the year 2000 and beyond

Kym Corfield broaches the topic of why marketing your library has become a necessity in this day and age. Although the paper is two years old (presented at the end 2001 at the 11th National Library Technician's Conference in Hobart, Australia), Kym's rundown of how she became involved in marketing her library makes interesting reading.



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