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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #30

This week's episode is an unusual one with that not being due to its length. The podcast audio production engineer discusses the whole question feature further while introducing two responses submitted by librarians apparently based in the United States. A commentary is presented relative to a blog post encountered over the past week. The zeitgeist recap covered stories listeners might have missed over the week that was.

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Tell Us: "Why did you choose librarianship?"

Over the next week or so I’d like to try and assemble audio answers from as many people as possible to our favorite question: "Why did you choose librarianship?" Stephen will stitch them all together and release a podcast at some point in the next few weeks.

I’d very much like to make this an audio project. To leave an answer to be included in the podcast, there are a few ways you can go.

If you are in the US, you can call 646-495-9201, enter extension 61340, and leave your answer.

If you are outside the US, or just want to use your computer, you can upload an MP3 file using the upload tool located on the podcast page

Be sure to tell us who you are and where you're calling from. You need not provide us with your entire bio, just something simple is fine if you’d like to remain private: "Hi, this is Blake calling from western New York and I chose librarianship because..."

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #29

This week's episode is posted early due to recurrent broadband outages being experienced by the production team. The team felt it best not to wait on posting as it would be better to be early rather than late. Hopefully this improves.

The episode this week has the second part of the interview with author David Weber as well as a book review in Tech for Techies.

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The future of libraries - No MLS Needed?

Christopher Kiess takes a look at the future of libraries in this original essay.

The future of libraries – it’s a topic at many conferences and one that always seems to generate conversation and debate. It’s not a new topic. But given the changing nature of information, it is worthy of exploration. Recently, I entertained a discussion amongst librarians on the Web4Lib listserv. And as usual, there were the familiar cries of dissent from both the proponents and opponents of change. However, most of the arguments did little to address the primary question I posed – can we save ourselves?

I can hear the rumbling in the crowd already and am sure to have my head on a pike by noon at the hands of a mob of librarians. But, I think we are obligated to closely examine our profession as it is defined and consider how we might meet the demands of the future through changing our skill set. Rather than simply defending what we do or what we claim to do, why not examine our educational programs as well as the major trends in our field?

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #28

This week's episode is different from the usual fare. The thread holding this together is: "Authors You Didn't Hear at ALA Annual 2008". Authors David Weber and Piers Anthony were interviewed this week. Interviews ranged from talking about their works to how they view libraries to the future of books. The interview with David Weber is being presented in two parts with the remaining portion to air on a future episode. Both authors raised unique points when it comes to determining authorial intent relative to exposing children to their own works that might be otherwise objectionable.

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #27

After an unplanned break, LISTen returns slightly earlier than anticipated! This week's episode includes an interview with author Scott Douglas as well as a commentary and a new installment of Tech for Techies.

Related links:
Website of Scott Douglas
Website of Erie Looking Productions
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And now a word...

The audio file contains a special message relative to the podcast this week.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #26

This week's episode talks about television, Usenet News, and online video-sharing.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #25

This week's episode features an interview by the podcast audio production engineer with Blake Carver as well as a commentary on the seemingly nebulous yet rather important topic of resilience. [EDIT AT 2132 PDT]
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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #24

This week's episode brings an interview with Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback about a recent Denial of Service incident they suffered. Another installment of Tech for Techies talks about lessons learned from the Revision3 incident and begins a discussion about the need to consider infrastructure. Although the production team is aware of the incident at Softlayer that not only affected multiple LISHost clients not to mention the Volokh Conspiracy group blog, this episode is not covering that.

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