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Erie Looking Productions regretfully announces that the release of normal programming is delayed until Tuesday this week. We apologize for any difficulties caused.

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #167

This week's program features pontification from the producer, thoughts about geo-location and analyzing your library's web server logs, and two quick story hits. Related links: Reuters: "Hulu sale at risk even as new bids are due" EFF Deeplinks: "No Authors Have Been Harmed in the Making of This Library"

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #166

Even though the audio of this episode has the numbering royally screwed up, an interesting look is presented. This is a how-we-did-it sort of episode. As stated in the episode itself: "Consider this a sort of medium-sized Tech for Techies that comes with a side order of curly french fries and a fountain drink."

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #165

This week's episode contains a book review of a Jim Butcher novel, a reflection on technological change, and a look at the 10th anniversary of 11 September 2011.

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Programming Advisory


Erie Looking Productions will not release new programming this weekend in light of Hurricane Irene's impending approach to the eastern coast of North America.

The potential for systems disruption impacting such a large portion of the United States population is something we must bear in mind. We remember the lessons of the 2003 regional outage that included us in an outage area that encompassed much of the northeastern United States as well as a major portion of the Province of Ontario. In light of recent local electricity reliability issues, we are preparing for the possibility of outages impacting us.

New episodes of LISTen: An Program and Ubuntu Ohio – Burning Circle are tentatively scheduled for release on September 5th, 2011.

The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions
Michael J. Kellat, Engineer
Gloria D. Kellat, Producer
Stephen Michael Kellat, Head Writer

The PDF to the essay

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #164

Contrary to normal practice, a text copy of this episode's essay is presented below the “Read More” fold. A PDF file will also follow in the podcast feed.

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LISNews Now Available Via Kindle Blogs

And now LISNews is available by way of the Kindle platform:

As noted in the notice above captured from Identica, LISNews is now available via Kindle Blogs. Amazon sets the price for a monthly subscription and right now it is set at $1.99. We've got no input at all as to what Amazon charges in this instance. As long as you have a Kindle device you can get posts right out of the main feed delivered via Whispernet. According to Amazon, links in stories will work and will take you to linked content. This is a bit of an experiment in plumbing LISNews content into other platforms. To get a subscription, visit Amazon. If you want to transmogrify RSS feeds on your own, see the right-hand side of the LISNews page for the XML link chiclet.

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #162

"And we're back..." This week's episode looks at what has been happening on LISWire and LISEvents as well as provides a news miscellany. The full links list is available below the fold after the "Read More" link. As we are consolidating ways we can be reached, please be advised that print correspondence and the like should be sent to: Erie Looking Productions P.O. Box 1658 Ashtabula, OH 44005-1658 United States of America

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LISTen: An Program -- Episode #162 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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