BlackBerry Partners with Yahoo Mail, IM & Search

Search Engines Web tells us that Yahoo! has just announced a partnership with the company that produces the popular BlackBerry mobile e-mail device. The new service will allow you to:

  • Get Yahoo! Mail automatically sent to your device.
  • Get more done, faster -- working with messages even while offline.
  • Get instant access to friends, sharing IMs with Yahoo! Messenger.
  • Get info you need, using Yahoo! Search to surf the web, local, images, and more.

Getting To Done: Communication - A guide to email

Anonymous Patron writes "Ever wonder what causes that sinking feeling of dread just before you open your e-mail client? Is it the hundreds of new messages that will mock you in all their need-a-response-asap, unread glory?

Here's A Great Lifehacker column that won't make you a perfect e-mail responder, but they will make you good."


Email Tax

Brian G. writes "I heard about an "email tax" sometime ago and I guess the email tax discussions are still continuing.

I am not sure how charging people to send email will reduce spam. I think it will just decrease legitimate emails and cause the normal (legal) users to move to instant messaging, VoIP, or other internet communication methods. Lets improve email protocols to prevent spam and make spam illegal and punishable, not harm a relatively cheap communication method.



No more e-mail for Blackberry?

I'm glad I did not buy a Blackberry!  Those of you that own them will need to find a new way to get your e-mail. U.S. Supreme Court rejects RIM's appeal: The prospect of a wide-scale shutdown of the BlackBerry mobile e-mail service is closer to becoming reality, as the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned down a request to review a major patent infringement ruling against BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion.

$11 Billion Dollar Judgement for 280 Spam Emails writes "Good News From The War On SPAM:A Florida man has been ordered to pay $11.2bn for sending millions of spam messages through the network of a small US internet service provider (ISP). Iowa-based CIS Internet Services won the ruling against James McCalla, who sent more than 280 million unsolicited emails touting debt consolidation and mortgage services, a report from local newspaper the Quad City Times reports "


Oh, Has Uncle Sam Got Mail

The Wall Street Journal Reports The rapid adoption of electronic communications technology in the last decade has created a major crisis for the Archives. For one thing, the amount of data to be preserved has exploded in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of high-tech tools such as personal computers and wireless email devices such as BlackBerries. At the same time, technology is becoming obsolete so fast that electronic documents created today may not be legible on tomorrow's devices, the equivalent of trying to play an eight-track tape on an iPod.

Porn is passe when it comes to spam

AOL Has Released their third annual Top 10 Spam List.Instead of generic pitches for products, "SOS" -- or "special order spam" -- attempts to trick the consumer by pretending to be from a friend, or part of a legitimate, customer-driven transaction. For example, this year's Top 10 spam list features "Your Mortgage Application is Ready"; another claims to have sent "you to the wrong site," and others simply say "Thank you" or "Re: " as if they are responding to the recipient.

Returning favorites on the AOL Top 10 list include pitches for products that claim to improve physical appearance, sexual material, and offers for prescription drugs.

1 in 4 receive Phony Emails - 7 in 10 are Fooled writes "Of those receiving the phony e-mails, most thought they might be from legitimate companies seven in 10, or 70 percent, were fooled by the e-mails, said the report. Yahoo! News Has More"


If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

dcstone writes "The Detroit Free Press reports that the failure of a Michigan law designed to protect children from adult email has disappointed Michigan parents who expected the state to protect their child from inappropriate email.

"What was the whole point in signing up if it's not doing any good? Is this just the legislature and the governor trying to look good and tough, but in the end, just kicking up dust?" said Talia Goetting, a Ferndale mother of an 8-year-old, who now scans her daughter's e-mails before allowing her to read them. "I'm doing what I hoped was going to be done by the registry. I feel like they're duping people."

Others are raising issues about the enforceability of the law and its impact on the rights of commercial speakers trying to reach their audiences via email.

A great opportunity to consider what it means to make promises to parents and the actual effectiveness of laws that control speech to protect the children.


Yahoo Mail Launches Upgraded Technology & Features notes Yahoo has developed an improved search technology for users of its Web mail service, including the capability of searching the full text of message attachments. PC World Says The new search system will enhance the existing capabilities, which are very basic and only allow users to search for content in a message's subject and sender lines and its body.



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