Obscure journal survey from AIR

jen writes \"The Annals of Improbably Research is having an Obscure Journal Survey.
They invite you join them in conducting the Obscure Journal Survey.

This is a joint research project of the Annals of Improbable
Research (AIR) and the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES).
The project seeks mercilessly to answer a question posed by Steve
Farrar of THES:

\"Which is the least-read academic journal?\"

The question may be more subtle than it appears. Yet we are
determined to find the one and true answer.

If you think you know which journal is the least read, please send
the journal name to:

OBSCURE JOURNAL SURVEY c/o [email protected]

Please include PITHY, persuasive evidence. If the journal has a
web site, please include its URL.

Announcement \"

New \'Cites & Insights\' Available

A new issue of Cites and Insights is available, featuring:

  • At Your Service: Marking CDs: A Bad Idea?
  • Feedback: Your Insights
  • DisContent: Tracking the Ebook Niches
  • The Filtering Follies
  • Trends and Quick Takes
  • The Good Stuff
  • Text-e Part III: Enter the Mandarins
  • Updates at

    LIScareer\'s sections on career planning, networking, leadership, and other subjects have been updated with fresh links.

    2 Years - 4,000 Stories!

    I am proud to announce we have just passed the 4,000 story mark, at
    In just over 2 years our outstanding team of authors has posted 4,000 stories, articles, announcements, interviews, and sites, and they\'ve done this all with no pay, no fame, and no fortune.
    So here\'s to all the LISNews authors, may you continue to post for another 2 years, and another 4,000 stories. You make this site great!
    Cheers, and thanks. I wish I could do more for you.

    Hotsync to this Site

    Lori Bell writes \"PDAs are playing in Peoria libraries to the point of care in two Peoria, Illinois medical libraries, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Library & Resource Center and the University of Illinois at Chicago Library of the Health Sciences-Peoria. A website for the LSTA grant project, funded by the Illinois State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, has been launched at The website contains information about the project and links to resources on handheld computing for librarians and medical students, residents, physicians, nurses, and other personnel.

    NISO Establishes Networked Reference Services Committee

    Marilyn Geller writes: \"NISO, the National Information
    Standards Organization, has announced that a new standards committee is now
    being organized to develop standards that will enable interoperable,
    networked reference services. Digital reference services are a rapidly
    growing extension of the traditional \"behind the desk\" reference service
    offered by virtually all libraries. Digital reference, whether delivered via
    real-time chat or asynchronous e-mail, allows library patrons to submit
    questions and receive answers via electronic means.

    Philosophy of Information

    John Castledine writes \"
    You are cordially invited to join a new Yahoo Group
    called Philosophy-of-Information. The purpose of the
    group is to facilitate scholarly discussion about the nature and
    meaning of information. At this time, it is open to
    anyone who wants to think seriously and deeply
    about information. That includes professional philosophers,
    as well as information scientists and librarians.

    Group Information

    John Castledine

    New 3M Marketing Award

    SomeOne writes \"New Marketing Award offered by IFLA/3M to all libraries worldwide that promotes library services. Application forms available on or 3M.

    ALA Announcement \"

    Career Development Book Available

    Rachel writes \"Rachel Singer Gordon and Sarah Nesbeitt are pleased to announce the publication of The Information Professional\'s Guide to Career Development Online, a new Information Today guide for Internet-connected professionals.

    Learn how to interact and develop your career online through:

    * Participating in electronic discussion lists and forums
    * Researching educational opportunities
    * Taking distance coursework online
    * Reading and contributing to the professional literature
    * Keeping current with online resources
    * Creating your own Internet web page, weblog, discussion list, or newsletter

    ... and more!

    Visit Our Web Site for more on the title, as well as live links to every web address mentioned in the book.\"

    LookWAYup Online Translation Dictionary

    Martin Laplante writes \" has expanded its online English dictionary and thesaurus to include translation to French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

    The LookWAYup on-line dictionary has proven to be extremely popular. It attracts over 500,000 lookups per month and has received enthusiastic Reviews all over the world.
    It looks for appropriate definitions and searches based on the context in which the word is used.

    It installs in your browser as a search pane or a sidebar tab. Its interface has everything except clutter. It looks up words by double-clicking or by drag-and-drop.


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