Obnoxious Librarian From Hades -- Contest

This just in from queue:
Hello LISnews, on July 27, 2009 I will celebrate the two year anniversary of my satirical blog "the obnoxious librarian from hades" . After two years of describing life as a librarian in a large bureaucracy, I decided to celebrate by organising a contest. Everybody is invited to send in their true or made up anecdote about clueless managers, insane procedures, soul crushing meetings or l-user (library users). For more details including the prizes, visit the blog: best regards, Dennie Heye

Hyperlinked History Delayed Until Next Week

As they've said in broadcasting for years, "Due to circumstances beyond our control," Hyperlinked History will be delayed until next Thursday. Nothing bad, but among those "circumstances" is the fact that my ISP is having issues and I've not had Internet connectivity at my house for just under 14 hours now.

So I leave you with another timeless (aka ancient) broadcasting phrase: "Tune in next week" to find out how ancient tombs for divine kings links through time and history to another cultish fascination... with a soft drink.

Hyperlinked History To Change Days

I wanted to send out a heads up to the listeners of the LISNews Netcast Network and fans of Hyperlinked History that I will be changing the day I publish the show online. Due to some schedule changes and the madness that is a summer reading programme, this will be a lot easier for me to get a show up regularly.

Starting this week the show will go online every other Thursday around midnight, Eastern Time. For international folks that's Friday 04:00 UTC.

So when you don't see a show online tomorrow morning, you'll know why. Just wait another 24 hours, that's all!

Ten libraries receive gaming and literacy grants

ALA announced the winners of the $5,000 gaming grants. Drumroll please....

What's News Over @ The Librarian's News Wire

Over at LISWire ( ) - The Librarian's News Wire we have now posted over 200 releases. You can subscribe to one of our mailing lists Right Here. You can grab the main LISWire RSS Feed Here. There are a bunch of other feeds you can subscribe to listed Right Here.

If you are a library supplier or have news to post to the library community, register to submit your releases. The more posters, the more readership, and so forth. Unlike a few unfortunate news sources that are struggling, LISWire is headed up up up and wants to have you along for the ride!!

Rock Stars of Reading video series

Finally!!! Mark, of JustOneMoreBook!! has produced more than half of the videos from our six-day holiday to Connecticut and North Hampton — our November 2008 Rock Stars of Reading road trip. This means we’ll begin publishing the video series, one video at-a-time, beginning on March 31; filling up the “off-days” in the Just One More Book!! publishing cycle until all of the videos are available.

The LISNews Forums Are Now Open [Again]

I set up a few forums where you can discuss things that may or may not be related to libraries. There's a Forum To Discuss LISNews and one to Discuss The Podcast.

I also set up an area For Politics and a couple for technology, One On Drupal and another On The Internet.

Let me know if there's something else you'd like to see.

Long time readers of LISNews may recall a botched attempt a few years ago, I think I got it right this time!

Help Wanted: Bloggers @ LISNews

It's been well over a year since I last sent out a call for help here @ LISNews. Authors come and authors go, but for almost 10 years LISNews has been a place to keep up on the latest happenings in the library world.

If you've ever thought about writing for a collaborative librarian blog, now's your big chance. There's no pay, but it's a good way to get your name out there, and gain the respect and admiration of librarians from across the globe. If that's not enough, you'll also gain the enormous sense of well being that comes with helping your fellow librarians stay informed.

The "job" requires only a minimal time commitment, and just some basic knowledge of HTML & Blogging. You can write whenever you have time, and with some restrictions, you can post and write about whatever you want. Some current authors only write a couple times a month, others find the time every day, and most of the rest of our crew fall somewhere in between.

If you're interested, read below for all the details. Feel free to pass this one along to others who might be interested.

At LISNews you'll have the ability to talk with literally thousands of people every day. I ask that you don't abuse this privilege. You can become well known and respected in our field by writing intelligent and thoughtful commentary.

It's also very important to understand if you post anything even remotely controversial you will also be picked on, abused, and yelled at. This shouldn't bother you, it happens to all of us, sometimes on a daily basis. You must have thick skin in this game, it comes with the territory. The internet is full of mean and nasty people.

I also expect you to be generally fair with what you post. This is not a place to further your angry agendas, or seek revenge on those who bother you. This doesn't mean you can't make your opinions known, but you should do your best to be nice, and back up your opinions with facts. I'm not saying you should avoid controversial topics, nor should you avoid having a point of view, but I do ask that you generally try be fair and friendly. Your posts should bring more insight and information than anger and agenda. What you post should be teachable rather than abusive.

These are obviously subjective ideas, and can be very difficult to get right with controversial topics. You may think what you posted is absolutely true and right, but those who disagree with that point of view will call you unfair, biased, ignorant, or worse.

In short, you need to have the ability to write posts that are well written, informative, interesting, friendly or funny. Everything you write can't be an angry attack on those who disagree with you. The old cliché is "more light than heat."

Most of the rules involve keeping my life simple, since I run this site in my spare time, the goal here is to avoid creating extra work and headaches for me, and keep it fun for all of us. Just don't get me (or you) in any trouble and we'll all get along just fine. There are just a few simple rules.

Filkins, Bolaño Among 2009 National Book Critics Circle Award Winners

The National Book Critics Circle gave out its annual awards at a well-attended ceremony at The New School in New York City yesterday. Despite much commentary from the presenters and winners about folding stand-alone book reviews and the uncertain shift from print to digital for both books and book reviews, the NBCC celebrated books, reading and the art of book criticism.

List of award winners from Publishers Weekly and more, particularly on the posthumous award winner Roberto Bolano from Guardian UK.


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