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If you are a library supplier or have news to post to the library community, register to submit your releases. The more posters, the more readership, and so forth. Unlike a few unfortunate news sources that are struggling, LISWire is headed up up up and wants to have you along for the ride!! -- Read More

Rock Stars of Reading video series

Finally!!! Mark, of JustOneMoreBook!! has produced more than half of the videos from our six-day holiday to Connecticut and North Hampton — our November 2008 Rock Stars of Reading road trip. This means we’ll begin publishing the video series, one video at-a-time, beginning on March 31; filling up the “off-days” in the Just One More Book!! publishing cycle until all of the videos are available.

To prove this is really happening, we've published a teaser video for the series. It’s an extract from Part 1 and features some exciting road trip tidbits as well as clips from the entire trip, all cut to the amazing song Animus Girl by savium. Look for the faces of Richard Michelson, Paul O. Zelinsky, Jane Yolen, Jeanne Birdsall, Mo Willems, Jane Dyer, Jarrett Krosoczka, Diane de Groat, Lane Smith, Corinne Dumas, Jeff Mack and MANY MORE! Each video will be about 15 minutes long.

Click here to view the exciting teaser video:

The LISNews Forums Are Now Open [Again]

I set up a few forums where you can discuss things that may or may not be related to libraries. There's a Forum To Discuss LISNews and one to Discuss The Podcast.

I also set up an area For Politics and a couple for technology, One On Drupal and another On The Internet.

Let me know if there's something else you'd like to see. -- Read More

Help Wanted: Bloggers @ LISNews

It's been well over a year since I last sent out a call for help here @ LISNews. Authors come and authors go, but for almost 10 years LISNews has been a place to keep up on the latest happenings in the library world.

If you've ever thought about writing for a collaborative librarian blog, now's your big chance. There's no pay, but it's a good way to get your name out there, and gain the respect and admiration of librarians from across the globe. If that's not enough, you'll also gain the enormous sense of well being that comes with helping your fellow librarians stay informed.

The "job" requires only a minimal time commitment, and just some basic knowledge of HTML & Blogging. You can write whenever you have time, and with some restrictions, you can post and write about whatever you want. Some current authors only write a couple times a month, others find the time every day, and most of the rest of our crew fall somewhere in between.

If you're interested, read below for all the details. Feel free to pass this one along to others who might be interested. -- Read More

Filkins, Bolaño Among 2009 National Book Critics Circle Award Winners

The National Book Critics Circle gave out its annual awards at a well-attended ceremony at The New School in New York City yesterday. Despite much commentary from the presenters and winners about folding stand-alone book reviews and the uncertain shift from print to digital for both books and book reviews, the NBCC celebrated books, reading and the art of book criticism.

List of award winners from Publishers Weekly and more, particularly on the posthumous award winner Roberto Bolano from Guardian UK.

Free webinar: Producing Webinars for Nonprofits & Libraries

Producing Webinars for Nonprofits & Libraries
Thursday, March 19, 11:00 a.m. Pacific -- Read More

Hard Times: Resources for Library Users and Staff

Times are tough. Library funding is down, library use is up, and people are asking more and more questions demanding more and more time from their public library staff. In response to these increasing demands on library resources, Library Development staff at the Washington State Library have been compiling resources and trying to find ways to help their libraries cope in Washington State. The result: resource pages for library users and library staff.

"Resources for library users collects helpful web sites dealing with employment resources, job-hunting, resumes and skills-building, economic information, and technological training. Resources for library staff includes grant and stimulus information, specific databases for consideration, promotion and advocacy information aimed at the services libraries provide in tough economic times.

Some of the resources listed are Washington State specific, but there is plenty there for everyone. Libraries are encouraged to copy the lists or parts of the lists as they like, and provide feedback on the blog if there are any resources they feel are missing.

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Here's a few of the latest releases:

Oregon State Library Joins BCR's Shelf2Life Program

2009 LITA/Brett Butler Entrepreneurship Award winner announced

Spring Series Library Open Solutions Webinars Announced

Four on the Floor: Evergreen Indiana Continues to Grow

Library Partnerships

Queens Library Invites You to Welcome the Shanachies

WIND ENGINEERING 1977-2008 now in one on-line package

Call for Papers: Journal of Library Innovation

The Journal of Library Innovation ( is seeking submissions for publication for its inaugural issue in January 2010.

The Journal of Library Innovation, one of the first journals devoted explicitly to innovation and creativity in libraries, is a peer reviewed, electronic journal published by the Western New York Library Resources Council. Its mission is to disseminate research and information on innovative practice in libraries of all types.

Innovation in libraries can include, but is not limited to the following: -- Read More

Hanging Up On Uncontrolled Vocabulary

A weekly live interactive roundtable discussion of all things library, Greg:

In short, it’s time to devote more of my headspace to being daddy. Toward that end, and with a heavy heart, I’m putting the show on hiatus. I’m hesitant to declare it a permanent vacation, as situations change and I’ve been known to change my mind, but that’s a distinct possibility.

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