Sex book getting close look

This One is worth it just for that headline.

17 members of the Anchorage School District\'s Controversial Issues Review Committee (sounds like a fun bunch), have reviewed the book \"It\'s Perfectly Normal\" and will hear testimony from two parents who want the book off school library shelves.

\"I need to operate in the best interest of all of my students,\" Oliver said. \"Librarians respect the parents\' right to be the ultimate authority in what (their children) are exposed to. That\'s one of our unbendable laws. But that right to control what their child is exposed to only extends to their child. And there are as many parents out there as there are opinions, and I need to serve all of them.\"


Checking Out Salinger

Howard Bagwell wants to pull \"The Catcher in the Rye\" off the bookshelves in school libraries, he thinks it\'s inappropriate for teens, unfortunatly he is a School Board member in South Carolina. Bagwell checked out one copy of \"The Catcher in the Rye\" at Summerville High School\'s library last week. He checked another out at Fort Dorchester High on Wednesday. He plans to buy them from the schools instead of returning them.

\"It is a filthy, filthy book,\" Bagwell said. \"It has 269 some odd pages or so, and if you took out all the (profanity), the sarcasm, the mockery of old people, the mockery of women and decent people, you would get to read about 10 minutes\' worth. I can\'t figure out for the life of me why it is considered an important book.\"

I honestly can\'t figure out why it\'s important, or why someone would hate it, either.
Full Story from charleston.net, with props going to Mefi.


County to address sex books

From Alaska to Florida sex education books are upsetting
adults. This in from the Star Banner in Ocala, FL.\"Debate
over two
sexually explicit books geared toward young people has prompted
county commissioners to arrange a panel discussion designed to
ease perceived tension concerning the Marion County Library\'s
collection which includes both books.\" The books are
\"It\'s Perfectly Normal\" and \"Deal With It\". Full Story

\"It\'s Perfectly Normal\" was also challenged in Anchorage, AK as
posted in this
earlier story


Creators defend kids\' sex book

Katie Pesznecker from the Anchorage Daily News has written a follow up to an earlier article about the kids\' book \"It\'s Perfectly Normal\". \"Robie Harris knows there are parents who don\'t want their kids reading about masturbation, homosexuality and orgasms. And that\'s fine with Harris, the author of \"It\'s Perfectly Normal,\" the sexual health book under challenge in Anchorage school libraries.\"
Full Story


Parents call book too explicit

Katie Pesznecker of the Anchorage Daily News writes:

\"Two parents of Anchorage grade school students say the sexual health book \"It\'s Perfectly Normal\" is not perfectly normal reading for their children and want it off school library shelves.\"

The book got national praise for it\'s \"normal\" look at sex education. Full Story


Library Urged to Remove Books

Someone from the Associated Press writes...

\"The works of three Western authors should be removed from the Springdale Public Library, according to one complaint, because their books contain \"pornographic, sexual encounters.\" The library board will discuss the request at a Sept. 12 meeting. The complaint said the works of Jon Sharpe, Jake Logan and Tabor Evans could have a harmful effect on readers.\" more... from The Dallas Morning News.


School Board Considers Anti-Profanity Ban

Like this would ever really work... The Glynn County School Board is considering an all out ban on the use of profanity. According to the article, the \"comprehensive anti-profanity policy would ban any books, programs and activities that contain bad words.\" I wonder what you would get for saying the \"f\" word in the girls locker room? more... from Online Athens.


As You Lick It

Are Shakespeare and adult entertainment incompatible? Not hardly, says Prof. Richard Burt. \"He\'s even written a screenplay called Shrew You!, which he believes is the first lesbian adaptation of Taming of the Shrew.\"

Lingua Franca gives us the scoop on titillating literature...


Book Ban Rejected

For The Seattle Times, David Olson writes...

\"In its second book-banning vote in five years, the Federal Way Public Schools board Tuesday turned down several parents\' request to remove six books from high-school English classes. The complaining parents were offended by vulgar language and sexual and violent scenes in the novels. But school officials and other parents said the books are great literature and appropriate for teenagers in an advanced English class.\" I\'ll bet those same complaining parents use the f-word in front of their kids. [more...]


Anchorage gay pride exhibit: the sequel

The gay pride display that caused all the fuss when the
mayor of Anchorage ordered it to be removed is now back up
in the Z.J. Loussac Public Library, after the Alaska Civil
Liberties Union took the case to court and a federal judge
overturned the mayor\'s decision. However, the whole sorry
tale might not end there, as this story from the Anchorage Daily News reports.
It\'s possible that the money to pay the AkCLU\'s attorneys
may come from the library rather than from the mayor.
For the background to this whole business, see the original posting.



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