ALA Prez Mitch Freedman on TV this weekend!

Steve Fesenmaier passed along this note from Mitch Freedman, who says This is the worst financial situation in my memory for libraries around
the country, and the communities and states in the U.S. ALA is gearing
up this campaign to make the public aware of the impact of funding
cutbacks on libraries:

\"This weekend the Wall Street Journal Report will have a segment on the
funding cuts for America\'s libraries. It is a syndicated show, so the
time it is broadcast locally varies. Consult your local newspaper or TV
schedule. In the New York City area the show will be broadcast on NBC,
Channel 4, at 6:30AM.

I\'ve been told by the CNBC people who came out for to the Ardsley (NY)
Public Library to film the library\'s interior, patrons, & myself that
there would probably be a few sound bites from the Ardsley visit, as
well as the other places & people they filmed, and the whole segment
would probably be in the neighborhood of 5 minutes or so.


Questions about SRRT continue

David Goldman writes \" looks at the continuing controversy surrounding allegations of anti-Israel bias at ALA\'s Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT). also responds to SRRT spokesperson Rory Litwin\'s post on Lisnews.
Read More Here.\"


SRRT Newsletter No. 141

ALA\'s Social Responsibilities Round Table is taking a lot of heat at the
moment from pro-Israel activists who are incensed with ALA\'s resolution against the destruction of libraries
and cultural institutions in the Palestinian territories, and aware of SRRT\'s role in the initiation of that
resolution. If you would listen to these critics, all SRRT does is plot a radical international agenda for
ALA. In truth, SRRT does a lot of things through its seven task forces, and brings issues to ALA Council in
a variety of areas. A good way to find out about what SRRT actually does is to check out its website, or better yet, to read the latest issue of the SRRT Newsletter, which gives
the whole run-down on what SRRT and its various Task Forces have been doing. For the record, I am the
current Coordinator of SRRT, and I am a Jew who is not self-hating, and I am very comfortable with the
positions that SRRT has taken on international issues, led by our International Responsibilities Task Force.


An Open Letter to the President of the ALA

David Goldman writes \" has published an open letter to ALA President Mitch Freedman strongly urging the ALA board to examine the apparent anti-Israel bias of the Social Responsibilities Round Table.
You Can Read It and Comment Here \"


SRRT Reponds to Anti-Israel Allegation (sort of)

David Goldman, from over at has written This One on the allegations of anti-Israeli bias in the SRRT.
He raises several questions of interest to those following this topic.


Personal Privilege - Some thoughts on New Year\'s Eve

Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman writes: \"I just finished reading an article in today\'s New York Times about an Ohio State
University football player, a freshman, Maurice Clarett. There\'s
nothing per se about libraries in the article.

However, I was touched by the words of this 19-year old man, a couple of
days before he is to play for the NCAA football championship, and the
millions of dollars that will go to Ohio State University largely as a
result of his efforts this past season and tomorrow.

I urge you to read the whole article, but I will quote the last few
paragraphs, immediately below. These are important words as we go into
the New Year.


ExLibris Cheers for ALA

In her latest ExLibris publication (#156), Marylaine Block talks about some of the great things that ALA does for its members:

What impressed me most was the extent to which ALA can save our time and effort. What a boon, especially to small libraries with limited staff, not to have to devise their own guide to the internet for parents; all they have to do is hand out or modify the one ALA has already made available. They don\'t have to figure out what to do to comply with the ADA, because ALA has provided an ADA toolkit.....


New Jersey Library Association response to Forrest

SomeOne writes \"
This letter was sent to the Forrester campaign in response to his insulting \"I flipped burgers...I was a librarian\" campaign ad....\"

They say in part:

\"On behalf of the members of the New Jersey Library Association I must strongly voice our disappointment with your recent campaign advertisement, which states that one of your earliest jobs was as a librarian. Unfortunately, we cannot find any documentation on your biography to verify this assertion. You may have worked in a library during your academic career as a library assistant but you were not a librarian.\"


Keeping Up With Mitch Freedman

Mitch Freedman was kind enough to pass along His Page of Articles and Multimedia Appearances he\'s been featured in. His site also features a Collection Of Articles and the ever important Task Force on Better Salaries & Pay Equity.


Patricia Schroeder - change of heart?

Fiona writes
\"Has Ms Schroeder had a change of heart about
comments she made last year about how she had \"a
serious issue with libraries?\" It now appears that she
sees the AAP as a partner to libraries in defending
freedom to read and other issues in a speech at this
week\'s Australian Library and Information Association
conference - Full Story \"



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