New ALA Website

John Hubbard writes "The American Library Association site has a new look. If you pay ALA dues, check out the code you've paid for. Also note some internal URLs have changed ( for example is now Veeery Looong - the wonders of Cold Fusion and Microsoft IIS/SQL...), many without redirects ( is dead for example).

If you have questions, just remember for their handy FAQ page. "


Mitch Freedman ALA on the radio today

Connie Ozinga writes "Sometimes good things happen when you go to the dentist. I heard the first and last 15 minutes of an excellent one hour interview on the Diane Rehm show on NPR. The show's web page has a link to listen to it."

Link To The Real Audio File.


ALA Presidential Candidates Interviewed in Juice

ALA Presidential Candidates Herman Totten and Carol Brey
give a long interview
in the current issue of Library Juice. Robert
Newlen never replied to my request for an interview. A
friend of his says he's been out of town and may get back
to me when he returns. For now, it's just the two
nominated candidates.


Interview The Announced Candidates for the ALA Presidency

As you may or may not know, Carol Brey, Robert Newlen and Herman Totten are seeking election for the ALA presidency.
Each year I conduct an email interview with interested candidates, and each year I ask for questions from the LISNews readers. So please email me [], use The Form or post your comments/questions below. I\'ll be emailing the candidates the best of the questions, and hope to have their answers back in a few weeks.

All three candidates will be participating.


ADL Urges ALA to Rescind Biased Anti-Israel Resolution

David Goldman writes \"The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called on delegates to the American Library Association (ALA) Mid-Winter Meeting, set for January 24-27 in Philadelphia, to rescind a biased, anti-Israel resolution passed at its annual meeting last year. The resolution harkens back to highly political anti-Israel resolutions passed by the ALA a decade ago.

\"As guardians of information and guarantors of free speech, librarians bear a responsibility for providing unbiased, factual information to the public,\" said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. \"This biased, inaccurate resolution undermines that role and is a stain on the profession. We call on the ALA leadership to rescind this resolution and to recognize that in taking sides with such highly politicized and biased statements, the organization undermines the very purpose of their profession, which is to ensure that the public has free and unfettered access to all points of view.\"

Full Story \"
David has been following this one closely, you can see it all at KFSource.


ALA Prez Mitch Freedman on TV this weekend!

Steve Fesenmaier passed along this note from Mitch Freedman, who says This is the worst financial situation in my memory for libraries around
the country, and the communities and states in the U.S. ALA is gearing
up this campaign to make the public aware of the impact of funding
cutbacks on libraries:

\"This weekend the Wall Street Journal Report will have a segment on the
funding cuts for America\'s libraries. It is a syndicated show, so the
time it is broadcast locally varies. Consult your local newspaper or TV
schedule. In the New York City area the show will be broadcast on NBC,
Channel 4, at 6:30AM.

I\'ve been told by the CNBC people who came out for to the Ardsley (NY)
Public Library to film the library\'s interior, patrons, & myself that
there would probably be a few sound bites from the Ardsley visit, as
well as the other places & people they filmed, and the whole segment
would probably be in the neighborhood of 5 minutes or so.


Questions about SRRT continue

David Goldman writes \" looks at the continuing controversy surrounding allegations of anti-Israel bias at ALA\'s Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT). also responds to SRRT spokesperson Rory Litwin\'s post on Lisnews.
Read More Here.\"


SRRT Newsletter No. 141

ALA\'s Social Responsibilities Round Table is taking a lot of heat at the
moment from pro-Israel activists who are incensed with ALA\'s resolution against the destruction of libraries
and cultural institutions in the Palestinian territories, and aware of SRRT\'s role in the initiation of that
resolution. If you would listen to these critics, all SRRT does is plot a radical international agenda for
ALA. In truth, SRRT does a lot of things through its seven task forces, and brings issues to ALA Council in
a variety of areas. A good way to find out about what SRRT actually does is to check out its website, or better yet, to read the latest issue of the SRRT Newsletter, which gives
the whole run-down on what SRRT and its various Task Forces have been doing. For the record, I am the
current Coordinator of SRRT, and I am a Jew who is not self-hating, and I am very comfortable with the
positions that SRRT has taken on international issues, led by our International Responsibilities Task Force.


An Open Letter to the President of the ALA

David Goldman writes \" has published an open letter to ALA President Mitch Freedman strongly urging the ALA board to examine the apparent anti-Israel bias of the Social Responsibilities Round Table.
You Can Read It and Comment Here \"


SRRT Reponds to Anti-Israel Allegation (sort of)

David Goldman, from over at has written This One on the allegations of anti-Israeli bias in the SRRT.
He raises several questions of interest to those following this topic.



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