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Make Your Own Buzzword Bingo

Raena Jackson-Armitage at Sitepoint in Melbourne posted a unique tutorial in coding PHP. Raena's post discussed how to build your own "Buzzword Bingo" card using PHP. The inventive discussion can be found on the Sitepoint blog.

A Library Parody of "Downtown"?

Students at the University of Pennsylvania produced an open-captioned parody of the song popularized by Paula Petula Clark entitled "Downtown". In this instance they sing the praises of the Weigle Information Commons instead. Video is available online from the library.

That Movie You Got From Netflix That You Haven't Watched? It's Really Angry.

That Movie You Got From Netflix That You Haven't Watched? It's Really Angry.

Video and place for commentary at NPR.

Political Life Imitates, Well Not Art, but The Onion

The folks at Boingboing have unearthed an uncannily topical story from a 1993 issue of The Onion.

"The Onion has a preposterous fake story about a character named Roy the Forklift driver becoming a media darling of the conservative movement. "

Aren't archives grand?

Know Any...Dead Librarians?

They were in costume on the job at the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library(it's really Kellee Taavel).

What did you wear to work today? Have a scary Halloween and comment below...

IntErNeT IS fUn

Here's a Friday Funnies website if I've ever seen one...Internet Is Fun.

Their claims:
*INTERNET IS FUN is a breezy new approach for sharing and forwarding stuff on the Internet
* It shows the actual way cool things travel online between people.
* It liberates your inbox and lets you really socialize over bite-sized media snacks
* It allows you to create a dead-simple personal place to keep fun stuff you encounter online.


The Future of Librarianship

A Funny Little Image post from the Speak Quietly blog on one possible (distopian) future vision of libraries.

Librarians: Throw the Book At 'Em

Columnist Don Corrigan of the South County (MO) Times warns us point blank:

"Beware local librarians. They look innocent enough – checking out your books; charging you 25 cents for late tomes you return at the counter. Look again. Look closely. There's a lot more going on behind those wire-rimmed glasses than you might think."

"So, where is J. Edgar Hoover when you need him? (Probably rolling over in his grave in Roy Cohn's tutu.) None of this is my fault! For years, I have labored under illusions that librarians are all like Marian in the movie, "The Music Man;" or, at least, no worse than librarian Mary in "Party Girl."

"But what was I thinking? These are all Hollywood images. Hollywood is a player in this insidious plot – putting up a smoke screen to cover librarians' attempts to fray and then unravel the very moral fabric of a nation."

Palin Throws the Book at Librarian of Congress {satire}

The editors of Shelf Awareness bring us a creepy flash forward to January 21, 2009 . . .

In her first official act, Vice President Sarah Palin has asked for the resignation of Librarian of Congress James H. Billington.

After a little distraction as Dick Cheney's staff received new business cards and stationery reflecting their transition to Palin's staff, the Vice President's Office issued the following statement this morning over Palin's signature:

"President McCain and I came to the nation's capital with a mandate for change, and I am pleased to begin that process right in the heart of Washington. When I took that oath or whatever yesterday, I looked over at the Library of Congress building and immediately had several questions.

"First, what is it with all the books? Isn't it enough to have our Declaration of Independence on display at the National Archives? Luckily the Archives have room for the upcoming Alaskan Declaration of Independence. Second, aren't books basically elitist? Most real Americans are too busy to read. So let's clear the books out and make use of this prime bit of real estate."

Read on at the bottom of this page...


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