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Digital preservation: The Open Archival Information System Reference Model

OCLC just released an introductory guide to the Open Archival Information System Reference Model (OASIS).
This adresses the growing concerns over digital preservation: how we will ensure that the staggering amounts of digital information is preserved for a long time?
"The central concept in the reference model is that of an open archival information system (OAIS)7. The term open refers to the fact that the reference model was developed and released in an open public forum, in which any interested party was encouraged to participate. An archival information system is “an organization of people and systems that has accepted the responsibility to preserve information and make it available for a Designated Community.�8 This definition emphasizes two primary functions for an archival repository: first, to preserve information – i.e., to secure its long-term persistence – and second, to provide access to the archived information, in a manner consistent with the needs of the OAIS’s primary users"

Read the full report here.

In Bridgewater CT, an Information Storage Resource

An Anonymous Patron shares this story from the of Litchfield, CT, about a company who is helping "thousands of small to mid-sized companies nationwide that wanted to know the right questions to ask records management vendors before they went about choosing which one to use."

"The Web-based business has only been live for a month, and, according to Mr. Giess, nearly a thousand customers have signed up already.
For an annual subscription fee of $89.99, subscribers to this new business can receive practical knowledge for storage and management alternatives as it relates to their records, data files and information.

'We give you the right tools to make the right decisions,' Mr. Giess explained. 'It's an extremely unique service.

'We've had a huge response,' he acknowledged. 'There's nothing out there like this for records management on a subscription basis. It's like one-stop shopping.'"

Document Misclassification Gives Terrorism Defendant Classified Intelligence...

it\'s not believed  terrorism
defendant Zacarias Moussaoui read the intelligence
documents before they were removed from his jail cell, the WashingtonPost
declares that \"the incident represents another odd event in the chaotic
case and marks the latest gaffe involving document control at the FBI.\" 
The FBI triple checked his cell to confirm that all of the \"50 classified
FBI reports\" that hadn\'t been properly classified were removed from his
possession. Post journalist Dan Eggen writes:

\"Many of the reports were generated by FBI agents who were
drafted into the Sept. 11 investigation and were not schooled in handling
classified information. They did not properly label the documents, one
FBI official said.\"

reported three weeks ago that \"the material — both on disk and as hard
copy documents — was sent to Moussaoui as part of discovery for his legal
defense, said several legal sources, including one at the Justice Department.\"
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Group Cries Foul Over Access to George W Papers

When George W. Bush decided to give his gubernatorial papers to the George Bush Presidential Library, rather than large public universities or the state archives, a consumer advocacy group immediately cried foul. More


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