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Has Harry Helped Young People Read? Yes and No

Here's a refrain from an earlier article, with a different spokesperson for The National Endowment for the Arts. Exploring the Harry Potter phenomenon, the NEA finds "that Rowling's wizardry hasn't changed youth reading habits much."

"Even in the era of Harry Potter, the research shows that the numbers of youth reading for pleasure still decrease considerably as they grow older," reports Inside Bay Area.

"Regardless of the Harry Potter phenomenon, these declines do exist," said Sunil Iyengar, director of research and analysis for the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C.

Harry Potter and the Logistical Nightmare

How do you get 12 million books to appear all at once? Well, it could be magic (!), or it could be a major coordinated effort from publishers, printers, binderies, packers, trucking and transport companies. Here's the story from Business Week about how U.S. publisher Scholastic managed the magic of distributing HP7 to thousands of retailers around the U.S.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HP7 /If You Don't Want To Know, Skip It

...from MSN J. K. Rowling explains the finer points of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". Draco, Neville, Snape and more are covered.


Harry and the Strange Logic of Book Discounters

The tangled web of Harry Potter, author J.K. Rowling, Harry's British & US publishers, on-line bookstores (Amazon), bookstore chains (Barnes & Noble, Borders), non-bookstore chains (Wal-Mart, Costco), independent bookstores and all those Harry Potter fans/readers is examined in Saturday's New York Times.

Some Potter fans find pages missing

Good News! You got the new Harry Potter book.
Bad News! It's missing some pages!
Good News! You bought 2 copies because you're "just that psychotic about it."
Scholastic Inc., says a few hundred of the 12 million copies of the book are reported to have pages missing. The gaps have left hardcore Potterphiles rushing to stores to exchange them; or filing them away as mementos of the book's epic release.


The Harry Potter Effect

According to Heidi Benson of the San Francisco Chronicle, "Despite what has been dubbed the "Harry Potter Effect" -- which credits J.K. Rowling's blockbuster book series with turning Game Boy addicts into lifelong readers -- reading is in serious decline among teens nationwide, according to a forthcoming federal study."

"What we need is a Harry Potter every week," said Dana Gioia, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, who oversaw the study.

The endowment's report on children's reading rates, the first of its kind, compiles results from more than 24 government agencies, including the Department of Education, the Census Bureau and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Harry Potter Fever...Do You Have It Bad?

OK, you've read the poll, and hopefully you've voted (if not please do!!)

According to the Today Show, there are seven warning signs to look for that will determine if you've got the fever really bad.


The Harry Boat is Leaking Like a Sieve

...more from the Houston Chronicle (but they're not telling what happens...)

and here's more news from the Chicago Trib of a leak lawsuit in the works, and

...finally the esteemed Michiko Kakutani's review of HP7 in the NY Times . Round-up of these stories on Bloomberg.com.


Couple Plans Wedding, But There'll BeThree on the Honeymoon (Bride, Groom & Harry)

One Oregon couple's wedding night will be especially magical. Courtney Lanahan and Shawn Gordon of Clackamas are heading straight from their wedding reception Friday to a Barnes & Noble to get the final Harry Potter book.

How do we know all this??? WaPo has the story of the nuptials and the groom's little treat for the bride, an elementary school teacher. Wonder if they'll name their first kid Hermione?

Harry Potter Spoilers Spread Story on Internet

How would you feel if the end of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" were revealed in advance of the highly anticipated release date this Saturday? Well if you're a library or bookstore involved in one of those pajama parties, or J.K. Rowling or Scholastic, you probably would be none too happy.

But according to CTV.ca, both "the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail published alleged plot details of the final book documenting the adventures of the young wizard and his band of friends.

"What is drawing out the headlines is one particular version of the book that's available on the Internet that seems to be very convincing, that if it's a hoax, it's an elaborate hoax," Kris Abel, CTV's technology expert told CTV Newsnet.

"It consists of a collection of 397 digital photographs that are taken of a physical, paper-bound book, that someone has managed to get their hands on and in a brief period take photographs of each and every picture and upload that on line."

Abel said some of the photos are slightly out of focus and are difficult to read, but much of the book is legible from the images.

Those of you who wish to investigate further, please feel free to do so, but please do not divulge the outcome to those (hey, I don't give a fig but some people do) who don't want to have their fun ruined.



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