the problem of insufficient library service to the formerly living

Michael McGrorty writes \"

The intent of my proposed paper is to examine the problem of insufficient library service to the formerly living, and to propose solutions for their benefit. \"

The proposal follows...


Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry

Robert R. writes \" Here\'s a Ruben Bolling comic from Salon entitled \"Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry\", at (it\'s old but still good): \"

I think we ran this before, but no one sees every story, so here it is again.


Book Returned 70 Years Late

In New Zealand: The 102-year-old volume on the English royal residence of Hampton Court was found among books donated for a Rotary book sale. There are now plans to put it on display at the library in Ashburton, near Christchurch. Head librarian Jill Watson says the overdue fines at the time of issue were 3p a day for the first week and 6p a day thereafter.

The full story from Ananova


Lileks at the library

James Lileks, whose Celery + Gravity = Art subsite is one of the funniest things on the Web, bleats about the inflexibility of librarians when faced with a challenge to policy. "The librarian looked as though I suggested she cram the entire Oxford English Dictionary up her intestinal aperture."


Librarians mentioned at Rock Hall of Fame induction

Lois Fundis writes \"One of those \"how they see us\" bits.

A quote from the New York Times\' article on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers introduced Talking Heads, saying that hearing the band gave him a new sensation: \"I wanted to have sex with a lot of librarians.\"



Comic About Libraries Long Overdue

In an idea long overdue, a comic about libraries. As seen nearly everywhere on the library blog world, this comic is a collaboration between Slate contributor Bill Barnes and a librarian whose pen name is Gene Ambaum. Read it here


Lynda Barry on the joys of nonfiction

Cartoonist extraordinaire Lynda Barry has contributed \"Non-Fictional\", an awe-filled comic about the deep #1-ness of browsing the nonfiction stacks, to Salon.

\"Non-fiction is my section. True stories about fungus, their two kingdoms, the Basidiomycetes vs. the Ascomycetes in a contest of best spore production. Who will win?\"


Really Hot Librarians

Brock writes \"I wanted to pass along this link which contains a photo of the new Honda Accord and includes text comparing the new model to a \'really hot librarian.\' \"

You\'ve probably seen it before, but just in case, there it is again. If you are actually looking for \"really hot librarians\", try This Guy or anyone on This Page.


Copyright Fight

I found out about this via The Shifted Librarian:

Dvorak card game\'s The Copyright Fight deck. "The first player to control 70% of Humanity\'s written works wins the game." The deck includes Library, Funding Cut, Online, Lawyers, and other cards.


Lord of the Rings by other authors

This is slightly off-topic (but related to literature and
books so therefore loosely to libraries) but I found it
Alternative authors\' versions of Lord of the Rings



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