RFID Testbed Can Read Hundreds of Tags Simultaneously

As many libraries make the transition to RFID tags, the implications of processing high volumes of materials become larger. The greatest thing about RFID tags is that, with proper technology, you can read multiple tags at the same time. Barcodes still require a one at a time read.

Now a new technology allows not only the simultaneous reading of hundreds of RFID tags, but also the simultaneous reading of different types of RFID antennae with the ability to assess and acquire information on new tags previously unknown to the reader.

Hundreds of items at a time? Sign this circ jerk up!

Beautify Your Barcodes

Does your library use barcodes?

Sure, most of 'em do! Even those making the move to RFID tend to keep the barcodes around for a little while, if not indefinitely. But barcodes are bland, boring, banal, and blah. So why not do something different?

Get creative with your barcodes and turn them into little artistic masterpieces!

RFID Tags could increase library hours?

An Article Out Of The UK reports RFID self-service technology could see the main libraries in south Northants open for an extra 26 hours per week.
Northants County Council recently launched a public consultation into the proposals which would see books at Brackley and Towcester libraries fitted with Radio Frequency Identification tags.

The tags mean customers will be able to scan their chosen books in and out themselves – and can return books to any county library using the technology.

This will free-up time for librarians who will be able to spend more time helping customers and will allow them to travel to other libraries to cover the extended hours.

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Kindles can't be lent!

According to Rochelle , who talked to Amazon customer support, libraries that are lending out Kindles (Amazon's ebook reader) to patrons are in violation of the terms of service. She makes some compelling points on questions that Amazon needs to answer, such as ways to disable people from downloading without disabling the account.

Suzanne, the 1000th, Malone, you have materials waiting for you....

"While returning the late books and paying my $8 fine, I asked the librarian why the automated telephone system referred to my wife as Suzanne The 1000th Malone. She looks at the entry in her database and everything looks fine:

Name: Suzanne M. Malone

"Now if you look at that for a minute, you will see the reason for one of the most absurd software bugs I have ever encountered. Yes, 'M' (her middle name is Marie) is 1000 in Roman numerals.

Despite protest, 'Sandpiper' to remain in library

The Tuscaloosa County school board has grudgingly allowed the novel Sandpiper to stay in the Brookwood High School library despite a teen's protest against it and the board's own dislike for its material.

"It disappoints us that the decisions of the courts have taken away this local Board of Education's ability to make decisions that protect these very same school children," Whitehead said. "Based upon legal counsel, we therefore have reluctantly decided to take no action."

Queens Library #1 in Nationwide Circ

The Queens Library really has something to shout about, namely leading the nation's circulation with a whopping 20.2 million items!

Queens Library offers six million items for loan and features a collection spanning 30 languages. They serve around 55,000 people per day.

Second highest circ goes to Multnomah County Public Library in Portland, OR.


Bring Back That Book, Or It's Gonna Hurt

Checking out a book from the West Fork Public Library in Arkansas and then keeping could really cost you.

A new measure before the town's council could criminalize the act and levy a $100 fine per item. While keeping a library book is stealing, I've not seen too many places where they actually spell that out in a law.

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Book Circulation Per U.S. Public Library User Since 1856

Book Circulation Per U.S. Public Library User Since 1856, by Douglas A. Galbi, Senior Economist, Federal Communications Commission: Library book circulation per user has no strong, long-run trend. From 1856 to 1978, library users borrowed from U.S. public libraries about 15 books per user per year. From 1978 to 2004, book circulation per user declined approximately 50%. The growth of audiovisuals circulation, estimated at 25% of total circulation in 2004, accounts for about half of this decline. These figures depend on estimates and disparate samples of libraries with varying circulation and user accounting methods. Nonetheless, these figures are of sufficient quality to suggest that historically established institutions significantly stabilize borrowing behavior.



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