Charlie Brown and his authenticity

Everyone loves Charlie Brown worldwide. Take a listen to this NPR weekend edition on just why people have fallen in love with lovable hero.

Tired of Twitter?

Are you tired of reading banal BS on Twitter?

Or maybe, just maybe, does it scare you that so many people Twitter the most personal things?

Well it scares Tycho too. And today's Penny Arcade tackles the topic of Twittering when it goes a little too far.

Warning: Language is not for the easily offended. Regardless, it's still hilarious.

Rockin' New Library Anime

From Japan, a new anime about... LIBRARIES.

It is the year 2019 and a new law threatens to hinder freedom of expression. The last bastion of free expression must be protected. The libraries must be saved!

This new action/comedy anime is, in itself, an adaptation of a novel by Arikawa Hiro.

More goodness from Anime News Network.

Unshelved's Integrity Questioned?

Librarians see knee jerk reactions in their professions all the time. (WHAT? You need a DEGREE to do THIS?!) Still, this is one for the annals of library history.

Our beloved comic recently came under fire because a storyline had a connection with a product advertised on the site. Mr. Barnes' provided a succinct response to the criticism.

Magical Pictures

At first, it may seem strange to direct library folks to a set of fantasy pictures featuring odd scientists, wizards, and strange beasts. Yet not only are they beautiful images, all of them are set within libraries just as fantastic as the characters in them.

The Complicated Dave Sim

In "<a href="">The one about Dave Sim</a>," Heidi MacDonald at The Beat takes a lengthy look at Dave Sim and the issues surrounding appreciating the work of an artist with controversial views on women. This is especially interesting since a similar issue just popped up with YALSA recognizing the work of Orson Scott Card.

Unshelved News : Six Years of Unshelved

Happy Birthday Unshelved! Saturday was Unshelved's sixth anniversary.

The Oldest Trick In The book

The Girls & Sports by Justin Borus and Andy Feinstein <a href="">Adds To The Oldest Trick In The Book</a>, meeting girls at the library...

Dave Kellett mentions librarians!

I thought that this was worth sharing. Dave Kellett, creator of the fantastic comic strip Sheldon, mentioned last month how he was looking for the perfect coffee cup. Readers respond and Dave gave an update in his blog as to what he heard from them. He specifically mentions librarians (you have to scroll down a ways 2nd posting of the day) and how they provided the best links. His exact quote "(Interestingly, librarians had the best links...which once again proves the old truism that if you need somethin' found that needs searchin', ask a librarian.)"

Very cool!


Cartoon Commentary on the recent Pew Study of library use

While the Pew study found that 13% of people go to libraries to help with all sorts of serious issues, explains why some of the other folks go to the library:

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