The death of Library Lad

Karl G. Siewert writes \"John A\'s new online comic strip ScaryGoRound includes the untimely death of a nebbishy \"library lad\" in this, its inagural storyline. See his first appearance at:

John is the artist responsible for Bobbins, a very popular web comic. Check it out at\"

Overdue Featured On Library Stuff

Little Stevie over @ Library Stuff has teamed up with Overdue to provide access to this hilarious comic strip by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum directly from the Library Stuff web site. For those who haven\'t had a chance to check out Overdue in the past few months, take a look at the archives and you will see why librarians all over the world are raving about it (well, Stevie raves about it all the time).Before you know it, you will have your favorite Overdue strip hanging by your reference desk (here is Stevie\'s) for all to see.You can learn more about the cartoonists behind Overdue, their thoughts on libraries, and yes, there is a blog as well.

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Strip takes on plagiarism

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Hermit\'s ;-)

Comics in the Library Class

jen writes \"From The Chronicle of Higher Education :
AN ONLINE COURSE offered by the University of Alberta teaches
library and public-school professionals how to build and
maintain comic-book collections, and how to use them as
educational tools.

\"What I\'m interested in is to have the graphic-novel format accepted,\" says the teacher. See Also: Class Site

The Librarian\'s Guide to Anime and Manga

The Librarian\'s Guide to Anime and Manga, from

\"You may have had some very young skate board toting library
patron ask you, "Do you have any Guyver?" or a student
requesting the seven tape set of the Hakkenden, subtitled,
or had a club ask to use your meeting room to show anime. Have
you wondered what all of this was about?

Given the increasing popularity of anime
and manga in the English speaking
world I feel that it is perhaps time that a resource be created
to help librarians understand what this is all about and to aid
in the selection of items for their collections.\"

Comic Relief

Lubbockonline has a Story on how libraries across the country are beginning to build graphic novel collections because of their popularity and high circulation rates.
Is this a case of building circ numbers at any cost? Is a librarians job to circulate more stuff, give people what they want, or take the high road and stick with educational materials only that will enrich and improve peoples lives?

\"But you want to talk about do they circulate? Yes, they do. Every day people check out the display. I have people say to me, \'I wish we had this in my library when I was a kid,\' and that\'s the most gratifying thing for me to hear.\"

Linux Lass To The Rescue

JoyOfTech ran a Funny Little Cartoon that brings together my 2 joys in life, Librarianship, and Open Source.

It\'s called Linux Lass, Super Linux Evangelist, Defender of GNU and the Open Source Way.

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Ziggy for Dummies

I am not sure how long this comic strip will be up, but I was rolling on the floor this morning. Enjoy!!

Cornered Cartoon

My wife saw this cartoon in the paper today. We haven\'t had a funny one here in a while. I don\'t know how long they will keep it up, so if you miss it, I will have it on my site tomorrow.

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid

Mary H. Musgrave writes:
\"Just thought I\'d point out that last night’s episode of Futurama was partially set in a library. Seems Fry was the only \"person\"; not affected by a brain invasion that made everybody stupid. When he went looking for the \"BIG BRAIN\"; the place he thought he would find it was the Library. Sure enough, it was there and he used several literary classics to curb its powers and destroy it. The funniest part (you had to really watch to catch it) was the stereotypical librarian who was trying to shelve a book and was trying to put it back on the shelf horizontally instead of vertically. That only lasted a few seconds, but I thought it was a hoot. Hope others that didn\'t see the episode will get a chance to see it later.
Below is the info about the actual episode. -- Read More

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