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'Opt In...' Advertising Exhibit at The New York Public Library's Science, Industry and Business libr

Gayle Snible writes "The just-opened exhibit 'Opt In To Advertising's New Age' at The New York Public Library's Science, Industry and Business Library is reviewed in The New York Times' Monday, Oct. 3rd, Arts section. In addition to this being an exhibit review, the article talks about the online advertising community and online ads. xe.html"

Few Employers Check Out

xuening writes \"For corporate librarians, the job market has worsened in the past six months, recruiters say. Many are being laid off, and fewer library jobs are being created due to tightening budgets... The full story is at \"

Special Librarian Job Board

Adam Wright has set up a Special Librarian Job Board, a free resource for libraries and librarians.
If you\'re a special library in need of a librarian, or a special librarian in need of a library, check it out.So far, not many jobs, but keep in mind it\'s just getting started.

When In-House Research Isn\'t Enough

HBSWK has a Story on corporate research and development and how much it is changing.

There\'s a new paradigm to consider that takes into account both internal and external research and development efforts to create what they call a \"company innovation system.\"

Special Library Closes

This Story From The New York Times was recommeded by Kerry and Stephen.

AOL Time Warner closed Time Inc.\'s editorial research library, described as \"a huge collection of volumes and archived clippings that occupies a floor and a half at the Time-Life Building, plus extensive warehouse space — employed three dozen librarians and staff.\"

\"Peter Costiglio, a spokesman for Time Inc., said that closing the library should be seen not as dissolution but as an act of decentralization.\"

Hurray, a new word for FIRED!

Organize This!

Her company is called \'The Organized Library\' and Judith Tapiero makes a living out of managing corporate information chaos.[more]

Catch this article from 1099 the magazine for the independent professional. Yet another example of what the innovative librarian can do in the age of information overload.

New Web Site From Harvard Business School

Sarah Jane Johnston writes \"HBS Working Knowledge, a Web site designed to meet the information needs of Harvard Business School alumni, is available to the general business and academic communities at The site brings together timely business information and research from the intellectual capital of Harvard Business School and other highly regarded sources.


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