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After Stream of Library Complaints, EVA Subscription Services Finally Responds

For months, more than a dozen library customers of <a href="">EVA Subscription Services</a>, based in Shrewsbury, MA, have expressed enormous frustration after not receiving periodicals ordered and finding that their calls and emails to EVA went unreturned.

Cites & Insights Volume 8 now complete

The Title Page and Indexes for Cites & Insights Volume 8 (2008) is now available.

The 16-page PDF consists of a title sheet for the volume (both sides) and a 14-page set of indexes (one index covering articles and songs cited, the other covering books, blogs, topics, authors, etc.)

No HTML version is available, since the indexes specifically refer to page numbers that would be irrelevant in HTML essays.

That completes Volume 8, if you're looking to bind it.

Is it Ethical and Legal to Buy Papers and Essays? By Rob Halford

Rob Halford believes that it is ethical to use custom essay writing services as people do not steal anything but pay enough money in return of the service. Read more of his article on EzineArticles: Is it Ethical and Legal to Buy Papers and Essays?

Cites & Insights 8:12 available

It's only taken eight years for C&I to actually appear monthly--that is, for a volume to have only a dozen issues.

Cites & Insights 8:12 (December 2008) is now available for downloading.

The 22-page issue is PDF as usual (a nice compact PDF, as are all the other 2008 issues now that I've regenerated them with Acrobat 9), but you can also get HTML versions of most essays. (Most headings below are live links.)
Bibs & Blather

Advance notice of a special offer: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 will be available soon (late November or early December if all goes well), and will have an early-bird special price of $22.50 until January 15, 2009--at which point it will go to $35.00. (If there's an Amazon version, that will start out at $35.) The book will be announced on Walt at Random as soon as it's ready.

Also: News about disappearing books, notes on potential sponsorship for future research, and this warning: If you're one of the dozens (I can dream) of institutions that binds C&I, hold off--the title sheet and index will be ready in another week or two. (There will probably also be a paperback version of the whole volume.)

Perspective: Writing about Reading

The heart of the issue. An extended essay on NEA's latest sky-is-falling report--and on "stupidity and Google."

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Around the World, Praise for Obama

The Washington Post features an international perspective of the people's choice of Barack Obama as America's next president.

Slideshow and reporting from Britain, Kenya, Japan, Lebanon and Indonesia.

Additional reactions from abroad via the New York Times.

Liberals, Conservatives and Undecideds, Oh My

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A conservative organization that helped start a new student newspaper at West Virginia University claims a biased school librarian confiscated a stack of the papers earlier this month for political reasons.

The Wise Library employee took 250 copies of the Oct. 14 issue of the Mountaineer Jeffersonian even though the group had permission to distribute them, according to a press release from the Leadership Institute.

WVU spokeswoman Janey Cink said Thursday that the librarian took the papers because the student group hadn't provided a rack to contain them. She added that library staff thought the issue had been resolved.

"The university certainly welcomes different opinions and wants different student voices to be heard," Cink said. "If there's any misunderstanding, that's unfortunate." West Virginia Gazette.

Something New Over @ Your American Libraries

George Eberhart passed along some news from American Libraries

1. Our weekly e-newsletter, American Libraries Direct, is now available to
anyone who wants to sign up for it, not just ALA members. The sign-up form,
as well as the FAQ, are here

2. American Libraries has launched its own blog, AL Inside Scoop, . Editor-in-chief Leonard Kniffel
offers an insider’s view of goings-on at ALA headquarters and what hot
topics ALA staffers are talking about in the hallways. Associate Editor
Greg Landgraf offers his perspective from “the lower floors” of what
many see as the ALA ivory tower.

3. Login is no longer required to view the current issue of the American
Libraries print magazine online (in PDF format), or to view the archives,
which date back to the January 2003 issue. Go directly Here .
First-time viewers will need to install the ebrary reader to view issues.
To download, go to . Firefox 3
users installing the reader for the first time will need a workaround, , to make the ebrary reader
work with their browser.

Cites & Insights 8:11 (November 2008) available

Cites & Insights 8:11, November 2008, is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue (PDF as always, but with HTML versions available from links here or at the Cites & Insights home page) includes five essays:
Bibs & Blather: Books and Blogs

Mostly updated versions of Walt at Random posts--library blog books going out of print soon, a progress report on The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 (with more progress since the post) and notes on Technorati, blogs as a whole and the liblog landscape.

Making it Work: Libraries and the Social Web

Notes on aspects of social-web applications in libraries beyond blogs and wikis.

Perspective: How Common is Common Language?

An original "research" project: What happens when you try 300 everyday sentences against Google--and when you try just the first eight words of each sentence? The answers may surprise you.

Library Access to Scholarship: OA Controversies

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The Journal of Distance Education - archives now online

The Distant Librarian points out that the Journal of Distance Education has made its complete run of archives (1986-2008) available online. Here's the link from to the posting by The Distant Librarian. There's no mention on whether or not the archive is free, but a browse through shows the option of clicking on HTML full text or PDF for many of the articles.

Sage Publications gives free access to its journals through All Hallows Eve

Sage Publications (Human Factors, Am. J Sports Med, Ed Researcher, etc) is offering free access to all of its Journals until 10/31/08. Simply register at their <a href=""> site</a> and start reading.


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