Don't close the book yet on big best sellers

The USAToday Says Overall book sales are down 7% this fall compared with a year ago, but some best sellers have been hit harder than others.
King is down 44% when comparing the first 11 weeks of sales of From a Buick 8 with those for Dreamcatcher, published last year. Clancy dropped 38%, Scott Turow is down 17%, Michael Crichton is up 27%, Nora Roberts is up 16%, John Grisham is up 24% .


What Dr. Seuss really taught us

Mary H. Musgrave points us to The New Yorker and a story on the story behind "The Cat in the Hat."
It turns out The Cat in the Hat was a Cold War invention.


Arthur Clarke — coasting along

Michael Nellis writes \"Nice little story here about Arthur C. Clarke. No mention of libraries, but I figured some of you must be fans. :-)

This article at focuses on his life in Sri Lanka. \"


$1m offered to save Thoreau house Says the co-owner of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers has offered to donate more than $1 million to save the deteriorating Henry David Thoreau birthplace in Concord.

''I want to do something that will benefit the community and give me pleasure as well,'' said Donald Saunders. ''It's a tragedy that this historic Thoreau home is threatened. I would be honored to be part of its restoration.''


Author Clive Cussler to Retire

Author Clive Cussler has decided it\'s time to pursue other interests. \"The imagination is still working, but the drive is just gone ... I can\'t explain it. I guess after 35 years of this stuff ... I\'m tired of it. And I have to push to try to maintain the quality because I don\'t want to cheat my readers...\" Read More.


Authors hit the road to push book sales

Deane passed along This One on the drawing power of authors who, like rock stars, are increasingly turning to the tour circuit. They say with the decline of traditional marketing methods, author appearances are becoming a key strategy in selling books.


Bush Administration Recruits American Writers

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"The Bush administration has recruited prominent American writers to contribute to a State Department anthology and give readings around the globe in a campaign started after 9/11 to use culture to further American diplomatic interests.

Full NYTimes Story \"


Fairy tale author's paper cutting sold

Charles Davis writes "
The largest known paper cutting made by Hans
Christian Andersen has been sold at auction in
his Danish homeland for 520,000 kroner
(£44,580) to a museum dedicated to the
The cutting, which is thought to have been
made in 1864, was inserted into one of the
fairy tale author's first editions.
Andersen often made elaborate paper cuttings
to give to friends and families. Full Story"


Paris: A toast to your favorite author

Jen Young points us to This CNN Story on the literary history of Paris.
They say that strolling about Paris is like a graduate course in comparative lit. American writers and artists still come to Paris to find themselves, or, like The Lost Generation of the '20s, to lose and booze themselves.


Chitty Chitty manuscript up for sale

Charles Davis saw Yahoo News Story on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Rare original manuscripts for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang go under the hammer next

The novel of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the flying car with a bubbly
personality was originally penned by James Bond author Ian
Fleming in 1961 as he recovered after a heart attack and is based
on stories he used to tell his son.

Fleming manuscripts are extremely rare. The major Fleming
collection held by the Lilly Library at Indiana University does not
even include an autograph manuscript or typescript of Chitty,
auction house Sotheby\'s said.

The manuscripts of the three original adventures as well as
sketches of the car are expected to fetch at least 12,000 pounds
when they go under the hammer in London on December 12.



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