Life is a library, and you are allowed to talk!

Mary Abdoney has this interesting story to share, she writes:

\"I have a story to share with you, however. I\'m sure you have seen the
very imaginative ads for Cingular wireless service. When the ads first
started, I absolutely fell in love with them and thought they deserved
an award. Until yesterday.

As I was driving in my car in the North Tampa area with my mother, we
spotted a billboard with that familiar little orange guy and his (or
her?) quotation bubble. The quotation is what got me; it read \"Life is
not a library. You\'re allowed to talk.\"



John W. Berry Answers Your Questions

We've had several interesting interviews so far this
year, they include all 3 Presidential Candidates for the
ALA, Maurice J. Freedman, Ken Haycock, and William Sannwald, and also Pat Schroeder, from the APA.

This time around I sent John W. Berry, President
Elect at the ALA, the same questions the current
candidates received. Read on to see what the new
president of the ALA has to say on all the current topics
that interested YOU, the loyal LISnews readers.

News Anchor Fires Back at ACLU for Attacking Former Library Clerk\'s Views

After posting a story earlier about a former library clerk who quit her job because her director refused to remove from the shelves a periodical, which contained sexually explicit content on the cover and inside pages, I found this one at Fox News. Here, the issue goes even further, with the ACLU coming under fire for stating that \"It\'s precisely people like this who make the First Amendment necessary.\" It might be interesting to see how far this one goes. The former library clerk has some local legislators on her side. These same legislators will determine increases in library funding in the coming years. This one might just get a little more interesting.


Librarian convicted of chopper jailbreak

Who says librarians are boring?
Bob Cox sent along This Story on Lucy Dudko, a softly spoken mother and librarian was arrested after a crazy jail break attempt. She hijacked a helicopter at gunpoint in 1999 and forced the pilot to land in the exercise yard of a prison, where her boy friend was waiting for her to bust him out.


Librarians reign as speediest spellers

Bob Cox never Stops!

He sent in this Story on the
eighth annual Spelling Bee for Literacy held at the
Airport Hilton in Grand Rapids, MI.
Guess who won?
\"Thursday\'s winners were -- go figure -- a team
from the Kent District Library. \"

And the secret to winning?
\"All I did was just keep reading, which is really
best way to learn how to spell,\"


Cites & Insights: Crawford At Large March 2001

Cites & Insights: Crawford At Large, vol. 1 no. 3 (March 2001), is
available now at:

This issue is 16 pages and includes:
-Living with Contradictions
-PC Values for March 2001
-MusicMaker RIP
-Press Watch I: Articles Worth Reading--three citations
-Stories Between the Ads
-The Convergence Chronicles--seven items
-Press Watch II: Commentary--one citation
-Product Watch--eleven items
-Trends and Quick Takes--three commentaries
-Review Watch--eight reviews in six categories


News Librarians At Work

News librarians have been a big part of computer-assisted journalism projects in news papers. This Story from a cool site is about how The News & Observer in NC came to undertake computer-assisted investigative reporting projects.

\". News research librarians, alert to their potential role in CAJ
are exploring techniques and resources beyond database journalism. While
most news librarians are not centrally involved in this area of
investigative reporting, they are keeping current with development by
attending workshops and seminars as well as by keeping up to date with the
growing literature on CAJ.\"


Clerical Aspects of Library Services De-Skilled by Information Technology

\"This article will present some personal observations of the impact of information technology on the traditional skills of librarians, drawn from experiences in the higher education sector and tainted by an obsessive interest in cataloguing. I believe that the development of information processing and communication technologies has had, is having, and will continue to have, such a profound influence on library and information services that all other factors such as finance and costs, politics, social expectations and management styles pale into insignificance.\" [more...]

Story by Gordon Dunsire

\"Impact - Journal of the Career Development Group\"

February 20, 2001


Showgirl for a day

Brian writes \" Article about the librarian who did the switch-jobs-with-a-Vegas-showgirl stint on \"Inside Edition.\"

Jennifer Lucas, a really good looking (my opinion)electronic resources librarian for King County Library System in Seattle traded places with a Las Vegas showgirl.

“It wasn’t like I was topless or anything, but I felt naked — I don’t normally walk around in a g-string, with feathers coming out of my head.”


Pat Schroeder Answers a Few Questions

Pat Schroeder was nice enough to quickly answer my
request for an interview. She had just a few minutes to
answer a few
questions before she had to leave for an important
event. I am hoping to catch her again in a few weeks to
answer a few more questions.
You may be suprised on some of her answers.

If you don\'t know who she is, Read This before you read
her answers.

The questions and answers follow....


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