Berman says the truth - LC also dumbing-down

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"DATE: May 24, 2002
TO: Hennepin County Board of Commissioners, Local/Library Press
FROM: Sanford Berman, Former Head Cataloger, Hennepin County Library


The Demolition Derby now underway at HCL has little to do with me. It also has little to do with the declared intention to \"expand our users\" access to the full range of HCL\'s rich resources and the ever-increasing range of global information resources.


Paying tribute to caring librarian\'s life -- and afterlife

Charles Davis alerted us to
This One from the land O\' Jessamyn on Miss Catharine McMurchy has haunted the Snohomish, WA, town library, visiting the second and third floors of its historic Carnegie section.

Employees swear they\'ve seen, felt or heard McMurchy, a librarian here from 1923 to 1939. She especially likes the loft, where children listen to stories.


Accuracy of the professional librarian

Sue Ziegler passed along \"This Guest Opinioin that says in an age where seeking accurate and objective information is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of a constantly changing, commercial and impersonal environment, a librarian should be the first person to consult.


New on shelves: Cool Librarians

Gary Price sent over This One from The Dallas News on a new kind – or new kinds – of librarian.

They say there are tattooed librarians and belly-dancing librarians, glamorous librarians and librarians in Stetsons and Dan Post boots.

This is one of the longest versions of the same ol\' story I\'ve seen.


Librarians and libraries rule!

Julia Steger writes \"This Article from The Roanoke Times newspaper in Roanoke, Virginia 5/21/02 in the Technology section:
\"Bookhounds to Cybersleuths\" gives good press to the important role librarians and libraries fill in our lives including, in this time of budget and position cuts, heartening praise for school librarians and libraries. It also stresses our ability to change as technology demands while continuing to offer the human touch of helpfulness and accountability for the veracity of information. \"


Librarian works for free, instead of cutting book budget

SomeOne writes \"Abstract:
\"A story out of Berlin, N.H., caught my eye the other day. It seems the town librarian, Yvonne Thomas, decided to retire and volunteer rather than cut the public library\'s book budget by 8%.\"

direct quote:
Ask yourself this morning, Would I do this for free?



Zippo, the dinosaur librarian

Terren writes \"The \"Dinotopia\" miniseries (that is now going to be a regular series) on ABC features a dinosaur character named Zipppo who is ... a librarian! In fact, the first word this character spoke in the miniseries was \"librarian.\"

Here\'s a short article with a picture captioned \"Zippo the dinosaur librarian.\"

Just for fun. \"


Sandy Berman in Action - in Seattle in April

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"
The graduate library students have finally posted streaming video of Berman in action -

Sandy Berman 4/16/02 video now available!

* Segment 1: \"Jackdaws Strut in Peacock\'s Feathers\" Quicktime streaming (24 minutes, 26.1MB)
* Segment 2: Question & answer session Quicktime streaming (39 minutes, 43.6MB)
* Segment 3: \"Bibliocidal Cataloging\" Quicktime streaming (22 minutes, 24.3MB) \"


Another (closer to home) plagiarism story...

frank r. hewitt writes \"
This was published last year, but with the recent plagiarism stories in the news, I thought this Law Library Journal article on pathfinder plagiarism worth noting.

I thought it also worth noting that, unlike the Ambrose/Goodwin stories, no names are mentioned. The author chose to remain anonymous, and used pseudonyms to protect his(?) plagiaristic colleagues.
A cynical person might even wonder if this might suggest that there\'s a \"don\'t make waves\" aspect of librarianship\'s professional culture that would lessen the likelihood of exposure as compared with other disciplines... \"


The sexy-librarian look

SomeOne sent over
A CNN Story that says eyewear fashion from the \'80s is very trendy right now, because \"They give you the sexy-librarian look.\"

\"These are so on-your-face,\" says Fred Segal Eyes owner David Gonzales, \"that they\'re not for folks who wish they didn\'t wear glasses.\"



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