Meet the Librarian at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Always helpful Gary Price sent along an intersting Washington Post Story on Jim Gates, who has been librarian at the Baseball Hall of Fame Library for seven years.
He says he\'s gotten to meet 40 different inductees.


Librarian Murdered in Israel

David Goldman writes \"Victim of the Hebrew University bombing

Dina Carter, 37, was born in North Carolina and moved to Israel in 1990. She worked as a librarian and archivist in the National Library on Mount Scopus, having studies anthropology at Duke University. She also qualified as a social worker at Chappel High University in her home state.Ms. Carter was one of the seven people murdered in Wednesday\'s terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Full Story



New Librarian Ad--She\'s Not Your Typical Librarian

Kirstin Dougan writes \"Has anyone else seen the new (I think?) magazine ad for Mack\'s Earplugs?

I think she got a brief profile in _American Libraries_ at some point in the last year, but that is definitely not the side of her they showed. :-) \"


A Good Catch?

Karl G. Siewert, MLIS writes \"Chuck Shepherd\'s News of the Weird this week
makes mention of a personal ad placed by a former Florida librarian that neglects to mention his current incarceration on death row for his SECOND murder of a girlfriend. He\'s available, ladies! \"

Since then he was sentenced to death, so don\'t make any long term commitments.


British Library Workers to Strike

Ananova reports this story from the UK.

Workers at the British Library are to stage a 24-hour strike over a \"meagre\" pay offer. Members of the Public and Commercial Services union at the London library will walk out on Monday in protest at a 4% offer. The union says it wants a bigger pay rise for lowest paid workers at the library, including assistants, who earned a basic salary of between £10,000 and £15,000.

What would your community do if your library went on strike?


<u>Nearly Work</u>

Nearly Work is a short story about a librarian named Basil. Please read it and enjoy.

Click below for the story.


The anti-stereotype stereotype

Some plain speaking, straight thinking, and good linkage on the bun-and-glasses debate from Blisspix\'s Fiona Bradley:

One of the greatest bugbears in librarianship continues to be stereotype and the image of librarians. Long perceived as old women who wear buns in their hair, glasses, and a twin-set, this image has become stereotype thanks to the image of librarians in film, novels, and journalism. The American Library Association has decided that this impression needs to change, especially since a large percentage of librarians will retire in the next ten years and there will be many vacancies to fill. The ALA has embarked on a recruitment drive, promoting the work of a librarian as being worthwhile, awash with new technology, and overall, just \'cool\' . . .

Not once are the values of a librarian mentioned, nor what they actually do in their day to day work, or how much money they make. These are the things that people need to know to choose a career. It matters nothing if they get to wear \"trendy clothes\" or not.

Complete article. Don\'t forget to check out Fiona\'s great radio show, Between the Stacks.


Nominate NYC area librarian for NY Times award

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"If you know any great librarians in the NYC area, you can get them rare public acknowledgement by nominating them online for \"New York Times Librarian of the Year.\" They also get some money!
I did it myself...five easy questions, download nomination form (pdf).\"


librarian shortage due to retirement

SomeOne writes \"The Hartford Courant ran a feature article entitled \"Graying In The Stacks\" on Saturday, July 6, 2002 by Brendan Sullivan. The article discusses the shortage of librarians as a result of retirement. Local librarians and John Berry are quoted. Here\'s The Story \"


Do you look like a librarian?

Ruth Kneale has written a great investigation into librarians\' views of the public perception of librarians in the Internet Age. I see I\'m not the only one to get the comment \"You don\'t look like a librarian\" or \"You have to do a Masters degree to be a librarian!?\". A very interesting read, which suggests that the public perception is gradually changing.

\"You don\'t look like a librarian!\" I heard that so often while I was in library school in 1997-99 that I set my email signature
file to be that quote, and vowed that I wouldn\'t change it until I went two months without hearing it. Well, I finally
changed my signature file in the spring of 2002!

[Seen on Shifted Librarian]



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