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U of Arizona Library School Proposed To Be Closed

This Annoucement Says The U of AZ School Of Information Resources And Library Science, the only graduate library science school in Arizona, should be closed.
They cite troubles with accreditation and resource needs (no money), but do give 2 alternatives to considered. Those include greater self-sufficiency, and finding the optimum organizational location.

Library School Lunacy

Library School Lunacy, by Harleigh Kyson, says library school is an academic absurdity, and at least ninety per cent of what it teaches, and ninety per cent of all library literature, is pure, unadulterated bullshit. Pleanty of suggestions, that if implemented, \"may be able to cut a lot of the stupidity out of librarianship\"

MLS Program celebrates first graduate

Angela Gooden writes \"The Master of Library and Information Science Program at Valdosta State
University has its first graduate. An international student from
Uganda, Dick Kawooya, received his Master\'s of Library and Information
Science degree at the commencement ceremony at the end of Summer

For more information see the article in the
Valdosta Daily Times


Librarian\'s Book Club selects readings for July

Troy Johnson writes \"Librarian\'s Book Club selects readings for July -August 2002.
The books selected are \"If we knew what we know.\" and \"Earth Abides\" More information about the books can be found at the homepage of the book club, Here
. \"

LIS Students\' Best Work

At the University of Alberta, graduating MLIS students must
produce a \"capping exercise\", a web page that contains one of
their best term papers or other work. The topics range from
Information Needs and the Studio Arts
to Harry
Potter Tuesday Fun
Library Systems and On-line Services in China

Here are the listings:
Capping Exercises
(only one so far)
Capping Exercises

Capping Exercises

Capping Exercises

Marginal Librarian 9.1

Check out the new issue of The Marginal Librarian, written and put together by McGill library students. It includes poetry, a book review, a photo essay, and more.

Wanted: a DLS that is professional, not research

Elizabeth Christian Passed along the results of the survey she ran the other day on a different type of DLS, you can read them below.

Wanted: a DLS that is professional, not research
based, here are the results from this group so far.
Please read and add your opinion.

A Non Research Doctor of Library Science?

Elizabeth Christian writes:\" A one year ALA
accredited degree is just the beginning of library
education. However, what is available after
that is the choice, either a research based library
school research degree that is applicable primarily to
teaching in a library school, not to practice.

There have been some practice based doctorates, but
it is now time to encourage library schools to move into
this area. New options for web based education make
this now easier for library schools to provide this
degree to practitioners.

This is a survey to determine if in fact there is an
interest and what kind of degree would be desirable
from the practioners\' perspective. \"

Here\'s A Link to the survey, or you
can reach her by email @ echristian2 at

Finger: the new student webzine

Thanks to the ever-excellent Library Juice, I discovered that the students at SLIS, University of Michigan have started a new webzine, Finger. It has lots of interesting articles, including one about Questia vs. \"real\" libraries, interviews, oh lots of good stuff. I would have liked to see a little introductory piece on \"this is who we are and what this zine is about\" but maybe that\'s just me... Still, it made me proud of my library school roots!

Creating the Perfect Library School Graduate

Mary Ellen Bates writes...
\"In an industry that seems to completely mutate at least once a year, the Perfect Library School Graduate will have to ride the wave of change that goes beyond the reference interview...\" [more...]


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