Can Dumbing Down Save Our Libraries?

Someone writes...
\"Librarians just can\'t win. If they put in a bank of computers and remove the dog-eared hardbacks from the shelves, they stand accused of dumbing down. If they demand silence in the reading rooms and purchase the bulk of Bloodaxe\'s latest poetry list, they find themselves charged with elitism.\" Read the Rest.


Library Closed for a Year Due to Deadly Mold, Reopens with Bare Shelves

Remember all the killer mold stories from last year? Here\'s an update on the school library in Hau\'ula, Hawaii. The mold destroyed $60,000 worth of books. Clean-up took a year. The library has reopened with about 8,000 books in its collection. Read More.


Libraries lost and found boxes bulge

Here\'s A Fun One from FL on the collection of lost goods piling up in the lost and found.
An ultrasound photo of an unborn baby, paperwork from Sunbelt Title, a yellowed family album, purple plastic purse with a pink heart, hats, sweaters, jackets, sunglasses, keys, cards with doctor\'s appointments, shopping lists and bills.


Heaven halfway between libraries

Bill Drew writes \"This editorial was written by someone I knew several years ago when I worked as a library clerk in the Cornell University Libraries before going back to get my MLS. It is a tribute to libraries and librarians.
Check out
Heaven halfway between libraries by Jean McPheeters .\"

It also includes an interesting editors note:
\"The influence of a story lasts far beyond the time the words are spoken. The power of books and stories on young lives is almost immeasurable. They help determine who they are and who they will become.\"


Library Closings Put on Hold

When officials in Cincinnati decided to close 5 library branches, residents made their opinions known, loud and clear. The city has decided to postpone the closure until they can collect input from the public, and how they can resolve their money issues without affecting services. Read More.


Library of Congress Book Festival October 12

Lee Hadden writes:\" The Library of Congress and First Lady Laura Bush will be hosting the
Second Book Festival in Washington, DC.

October 12, 2002

10am to 5pm

West lawn of the U.S. Capitol and the National Mall between the Capitol
Reflecting Pool and Fourth Street

Read more about it.\"


Tale of two libraries

Nothing too exciting in This Story except for the opening, which really cracked me up:

\"Libraries are a lot like baseball fields (at least those that figure largely in certain movies): Build them and they will come.\"

It is a nice look at how busy public libraries are now.


Library killer \'troubled\'

A Few More Details on the murder/suicide down in GA.

As he stacked books and helped children navigate the Internet, anger grew within the 31-year-old man who worked for Gladys Dennard at the library in Union City.

The man, who was working toward a degree in library science, had been disciplined by Dennard, said Clint Johnson, library board chairman. He did not know the nature of the discipline.


2 workers slain at South Fulton Library

Two employees were found shot to death this morning at a library near Union City, GA, they were a woman about 50 years old and a man in his early 30s.

Ledger-Inquirer and AccessAtlanta both have stories/


The Web Didn\'t Kill Libraries. It\'s the New Draw

The following is from the July 25 edition of the CS Monitor...\"Last year, $686 million was spent on library construction – the second-highest dollar total ever spent, and a 15 percent increase over a decade ago, American Library Association data shows. Aside from the construction of 80 new libraries, 132 existing ones underwent renovations: creating new space, wiring old buildings for high-speed Internet access, and buying computers.\" Read More.



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