Death and Rebirth of the Sarajevo National Library

NPR's The Connection has a Report On the Sarajevo National Library, which was engulfed in flames following shelling by Serb Nationalist forces, Wednesday, August 26, 1992.
They say since those days in late August of 1992, librarians and philanthropists have worked to restore not just the documents, the manuscripts and the books, but the memory that was attacked at that time. Physically, psychologically and spiritually re-stocking the shelves of Sarajevo.


Pataki's budget plan a threat to libraries

"Gov. George Pataki's proposed 8.5 percent budget cut to public education spurred loud and widespread opposition from lawmakers, schools, parents and local governments."

"But barely a word has been said about the governor's decision to offer $ 13.3 million less for libraries -- an almost 15 percent cut. Librarians predict a reduction in services statewide, from a slimmer book selection to shorter hours of operation, if the state Legislature doesn't restore their funding."

"The total funding we would receive is one-tenth of one percent of the state budget -- one tenth of a penny, that's all the state is willing to spend on libraries," said Susan Lehman Keitel, executive director of the New York Library Association." (from The Times Union)


Vast collection could boost Nova library

\"Nova Southeastern University could acquire nearly 350,000 books -- the lion\'s share of the Florida State Library collection -- under a proposal that would make NSU\'s fledgling library a major destination for government researchers and scholars.\"

\"If the Broward university gets the books, its holdings will increase to approximately 836,000 volumes. NSU\'s library, which is open to the public, would have a collection larger than those of either the main Florida Atlantic University library or the main Miami-Dade library.\" (from The Miami Herald)

See also: Library defenders consider court


What Libraries Learned From The War - 1922

This PDF got submitted without a name.
It seems to be a Dept. Of The Interior Document, written in 1922, by Carl Milam, on what libraries were doing during the war back then.

\"Men and women who understand America, know its history, and [those]
who can see beyond the petty political troubles of one generation, will
almost inevitably be good American citizens. The library has a part,
and a very important part, in furnishing the means whereby every citizen
may become an intelligent citizen. Libraries have the reputation of
providing books on both sides of every important question. The radical
and the extreme conservative meet in the library on an equal footing.
The result is that the library makes for sane, intelligent
Note: Just got an email that says it came from a GOVDOC-L post.


1984, Packard Bell, and the Library

Troy Johnson writes "In 1996 the Packard Bell computer company created an ad with a 1984 style theme with the motto, "Wouldn't you rather be at home?" that depicted libraries and librarians in a very negative light.Librarians and the ALA wrote letters to Packard Bell and got them to remove the library from the commercial. At my website people can view the original commercial that includes libraries."


An Odd Show Of `Appreciation\'

\"Gov. Jeb Bush, who proclaimed February \"Library Appreciation Month,\" has an odd way of showing his own appreciation. His new budget proposes to close the Florida State Library, which houses such diverse pieces of Florida\'s past as a 1589 map of Sir Francis Drake\'s attack on St. Augustine and the original plans for Walt Disney World from the 1960s.\"

\"Instead, Bush would eliminate most of the library\'s employees, give the historic artifacts to the Department of Environmental Protection, send the Bureau of Library Development to the newly created Department of State and Community Partnership, and let Florida State University take the 11 miles of books, maps and other materials.\" (from The Ledger Online - Editorial)


More On The Library of Congress NDIIPP

Gary D. Price put together a linked filled post about Saturday\'s Library of Congress and the \"Plan for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP).\"
You can read all about it over at The ResourceShelf

Here\'s A Washington Post article as well.


Campaign to Save America\'s Libraries

ALA has placed a toolkit online that libraries can use to get the word out about their campaign, Save America\'s Libraries.


Palace on the Hill Finally Noticed

Irina Ibraghimova passed along An Article from The Moscow Times on the reconstruction at The Pashkov House, an 18th-century estate, which stands on a hill across from the Kremlin's Borovitskiye Gates, was closed for reconstruction in 1988. However, the renovation was delayed in the mid-1990s, and the palace has been virtually abandoned since.

"The state of things at the Russian State Library is as much of a litmus test for the condition of Russian culture as the situation with the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters and the Hermitage," Culture Minister Mikhail Shvydkoi told a news conference late last month.

"But more attention has been paid to them recently, and this year we obtained funding to start the reconstruction of Pashkov House,"


A Cash Infusion for Digital Archives

\"In the strongest signal to date of its commitment to preserving the nation\'s digital legacy, Congress has set aside $100 million for the Library of Congress to carry out a plan for collecting and preserving digital information, including images, CD\'s, Web pages and electronic journals.\"

\"In December 2000, Congress provided an initial $5 million for the library to come up with a proposal for digital preservation. The library submitted the plan to Congress last September, and lawmakers approved the plan in January. Another $20 million will now be released for carrying out the early phases of the plan.\"

\"I don\'t think we\'ve ever had a single shot of this size in our entire history,\" said James H. Billington, the librarian of Congress.\" (from The New York Times)



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