Imagination Library Fills a Gap

Entertainer Dolly Parton set up the Imagination Library Program 8 years ago in order to provide free books for children under age 5. The goal is to encourage parents and others to read to pre-K kids. Although there are currently 300 communities participating in 36 states, the Memphis-Shelby County area in Tennessee, has been slow to catch on. The Governor of Tennessee is hoping to change that. Shelby county presents a particular challenge, however, because it is home to 18 percent of the state's population of pre-K children. Officials estimate it would take 5 years to register all 68,427 kids under age 5. Read More.


What Do You Do With 10 Copies of the ``Three Tenors Greatest Hits?"

Free CDs are spilling into libraries across the country as a result of the price-fixing scam and the resulting settlement with the recording industry. In one school district in Washington, "what they're finding isn't a good selection of materials suitable for a school library." According to school officials, "The selection looks suspiciously like the music companies are just dumping stale inventory that they can't sell."
Surely, the music industry wouldn't try to pull yet another fast one, now would they? Read all about it.


Library Still Very Relevant

Here's another one of those *do we really need libraries?* kind of articles from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
"Several college presidents have said library buildings are not needed anymore. Elected officials have questioned the need for new or expanded public libraries.

It is true that technology has changed libraries and the way people use them. However, libraries are stronger than ever, with usage climbing and new buildings gaining national attention." Read More. [You didn't used to, but you will now need to register to view this article, but it's free].


Bunny Watson on CBC Radio 1

Cabot writes "CBC Radio has launched its summer schedule which includes the new programme Bunny Watson "a new Saturday morning show from Vancouver in which the world is Bill Richardson's library, and features Richardson finding interesting connections through books, movies and music."

Rochelle adds: Bunny Watson is Katharine Hepburn's info maven character in the library classic "Desk Set.""


Quick Work Saves Library

Here's another library fire story...

"The Linton Margaret Cooper Public Library in Linton, Indiana sustained smoke and glass breakage from today's early morning fire at Petro Tire Company and warehouse and will be forced to close until July 6." Read all about it.


UN Inaugurates Library in Kenya Named in Honour of Sergio Vieira De Mello

slashgirl writes "'The United Nations today inaugurated a new library at its African headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, named in honour of former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Vieira de Mello, who was murdered in a terrorist attack last year while serving as Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Representative in Iraq.

The library honours 243 staff members who have died in the service of the world body, including those killed together with Mr. Vieira de Mello in the attack on the UN's Baghdad headquarters on 19 August, 2003.'

Article is here"


San Jose Library Partnership Earns National Award

"The successful marriage of San Jose's city and university library systems has earned the newlyweds the prestigious national title of Library of the Year. In the grand lobby of the nearly 11-month-old library, officials accepted the Gale/Library Journal 2004 Library of the Year Award in front of a crowd of workers and volunteers. The two libraries will share the award. More.


Library experts 'sidelined in crisis summit'

Brits writes "The British government was accused yesterday of "pointedly ignoring the real decision-makers" in its planning for a conference on the 154-year-old public library service. The Guardian Has The Full Story"


Library Closing Wing Due to Vandalism

The Pickerington Public Library in Ohio is closing off a section of the library that has been a magnet for vandalism by teenagers. While the idea was to remodel the area anyway, the decision has been made to close the section early in order to eliminate the problem once and for all. Read More.


Exhibit showcases early free-speech advocates

Fang-Face writes "There is an article at First Amendment Center about free speech movements through the centuries, and an exhibit at Folger Shakespeare Library. If you'd rather just skip right to the library web site, the exhibit is called: Voices for Tolerance in an Age of Persecution"



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