Library Building (un)fit for Patrons

shambolic57 writes "That age old question- should library buildings be designed for the needs of patrons , or for something else perhaps? (Like architectural awards?) is raised in this tongue in cheek commentary. Unfortunately I can't comment as I have yet to visit , but it is on my "to do" list for when I am next passing through the new

City of Sydney (Australia) library."


Listen To Nature, Thanks To the British Library

Want to listen to a skylark sing, Japanese silk worms making silk (sounds alot like rain on the roof), and a bumble bee buzz?

Go to the British Library's nature sounds archive a new, cool site where you can listen to these animals and many more. Great section too of birdsong , including Alex the talking parrot .

Thanks to Managing Information who directed us to the site.


BCC caught in library cesspool

I'm not really sure what This Times of India articles means, but it doesn't sound good. What happened to the 6 per cent library cess that citizens have dutifully been paying up? The amount is rusting in BCC’s coffers. The fact is: BCC owes the department of public libraries, cesses amounting to Rs 24 crore. Arrears have apparently not been paid for the last five years. Which means the five zonal city central libraries and 85 branch libraries have not seen the entire corpus due to them.


Harry Potter books cast healing magic for book six

State: Harry Potter books cast healing magic Now, Julia's essay is taking her to London for the release of the sixth book in Rowling's series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince . Julia is one of 10 fans ages 9 to 17 nationwide chosen to make the trip after writing about why they loved reading about the boy wizard.

Julia's essay was chosen from more than 8,000 entries in the contest, sponsored by Scholastic books. A combination of the joy she took in reading and the sadness of her sister's death caught judges' attention.

"They built a wonderful bond over these books," Scholastic spokesman Kyle Good said. "Also the books have inspired her to be a writer. Her talents as a budding young writer really came through."


Fill out a survey, help Book Aid

Help the European Library find out what works on their new website and what doesn't. For every completed questionnaire, they'll donate 2 euros to Book Aid International. Since the survey is about the "search experience," they ask that you conduct a few searches before you fill out the survey. (via)


Australian Libraries being affected by amalgamations

News From New South Wales where the president of the New South Wales Shires Association says regional libraries have become a casualty of the State Government's amalgamation campaign.

The Clarence Valley regional library, on the state's north coast, says it will lose $33,000 because of the amalgamation of its four former councils.


Happier days for libraries in San Francisco California

The San Francisco Chronicle reports all is well. The library is ready to unveil a number of new and renovated branches, and the goal is to stock them with "opening-day collections'' that have up-to- date books, and in many cases, more of them.

"These are opportunities to build and improve our collections,'' said City Librarian Luis Herrera.

One of the biggest beneficiaries will be the new Mission Bay branch, set to open next summer. The opening-day collection of about 25,000 books will be worth about $600,000.


2 From The Culture War Front Lines

Anonymous Patron writes "Group sues library over meeting rulesA Florida organization led by a lawyer who has taken on gay marriage across the nation said it is suing a library district near Colorado Springs for denying the use of a room to discuss its opposition to same-sex marriage.

Attorney Mathew Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, which provides pro bono legal representation for religious liberty, anti-abortion and pro-family issues, said he sued the Rampart Library District Board of Trustees on Thursday in Colorado U.S. District Court.

Iorio challenges county after ban on gay pride. Tampa is a city that embraces diversity, including people who are gay, Mayor Pam Iorio said Thursday.

"Gays and lesbians are part of our diversity and deserve our respect. That is a value that I hold dear," Iorio said at a breakfast organized to promote public art in Tampa. "We should build on tolerance, not intolerance."

Iorio made her remarks the day after the Hillsborough County Commission voted 5-1 for a policy that bans county government from acknowledging, promoting or participating in gay pride recognition and events."

...and...Another Scoop from Fayetteville Arkansas!

Big goings-on in FAYETTEVILLE today!

The Fayetteville (AR) Public Library has been announced as the 2005 winner of the prestigious Thomson Gale/LIBRARY JOURNAL Library of the Year award.

Here's the buzz from PR Newswire.


Fewer books borrowed as library visits increase in the UK

A Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Report shows a 4.3% increase in visits to UK public libraries in 2003/04 – up to almost 337 million visits – but a 6.5% decline in active borrowers for the same period. Book borrowing rates fell 5.5% to 341 million in 2003/04.
The data suggests an increase in users using libraries for non-traditional reasons, such as internet use, emailing sessions and audio borrowing. In 2003/04, book stocks decreased by 3.7 million (3.3%) to 110.5 million books, but audio, visual, electronic and other stocks increased by 2.2% to 9.0 million. At the same time, book additions remained stable, but the survey shows a 6.3% increase in stocks other than books.



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