The Chronicle of Higher Education On Personal Libraries

An Anonymous Patron writes "Personal libraries can include almost anything, although books may be the most typical components. Here are six academics' comments on what's in their libraries. This is at The Chronicle of Higher Education, Sorry, you'll need a subscription to read it."


Ottawa Builder floats library/condo complex

Anonymous Patron writes "A developer is offering to build a $150-million main library for Ottawa that could be the first step in rejuvenating one of the city's older neighbourhoods.

Ottawa Citizen Has More"


PluggedIn:"Recommendation engines" lead fans to music

Anonymous Patron writes "Interesting Reuters Report on "recommendation engines" that aim to duplicate the experience of a trusted friend saying, "Hey, check these guys out."
The question for librarians becomes how do we integrate this with our servives?"


Library Welcoming Out-of-School Kids

A common complaint of librarians is that parents often think that it's okay to leave their kids unattended at the library. In response to a state of Georgia energy saving mandate that will close the state's schools Monday and Tuesdays, some libraries will be opening early to accommodate children, six and older, whose parents work.

Parents must accompany their children inside the library branch and complete an information contact sheet, Edwards said. Children also will need to bring a lunch and snack.

Muller said children age 6 and under can't be left alone at the library but the emergency service can help children in second, third or fourth grades.

More from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.


B&ECPL introducing item request fees to raise revenue

mdoneil writes "The Buffalo & Erie County Public libraries are instituting fees for items requested (except juvenile).

To request a DVD or VHS from another branch you have to pay a buck, to request a book twenty-five cents.

I'm not sure how I feel about this policy. On one hand I think library materials should be free - even requesting them from another branch. However they certainly need the money - because the county government seems to waste an awful lot of it. Personally I'd be willing to spend the few bucks a year, but I may have a few extra bucks where some people, especially in WNY may not."


Volunteers Build Community Library

Filipino Librarian writes "Aklatang Pambata [Children's Library], the community library being built "through the efforts of Laging Pahinungod [Always Helping], a volunteer organization of the University of the Philippines Diliman" has been featured in "Old house with a new role" by Julie M. Aurelio (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 September 2005). I hope they're able to raise the money they need because of the publicity the article will bring. More..."


Library Serving Evacuees In Danger Itself

The Jonathan Bourne Public Library (MA) expects to be providing services to Katrina survivors who have been evacuated to a nearby National Guard base. But the library is worried about getting a proposition passed next month, which, if not passed, would cut a quarter of the library's staff and decrease hours. As is, the library has no budget for new books. They are organizing a book drive and hoping that the proposition passes. More from Metro West Daily News.


Games, Chat Barred at Honolulu

The Hawai'i State Public Library system has decided to prohibit patrons from playing games or using chat applications on all public access terminals, because

Online interactive games, chat rooms, and MP3 music downloads were using huge amounts of bandwidth, causing computers to slow down systemwide,

according to Vernon Tam, manager for electronic support service for the state's library system. More here from the Honolulu Advertiser.


Jefferson Davis Home & Library Destroyed by Katrina

Beauvoir, a presidential library of sorts, the library and mansion of the first and only President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was one among many of the mansions destroyed in Biloxi MS. The New York Times has the story.


Peak Libraries: Are We At The Top Now?

Here's An Interesting LISWiki Article on the "peak libraries" idea. Peak libraries is a concept named after the (contested) theory of peak oil. According to the peak oil theory, as the world's oil supply becomes depleted, its supply will diminish along a mathematical curve, causing large economic shifts and forcing alternative power supplies to be explored.

The peak libraries theory states that traditional libraries and librarians, such as those that have existed since the Library of Alexandria, are similarly doomed due to the advent of information technology.

Just as the unskilled assembly line worker was replaced by machines or the elevator operator was eliminated because the general public can use modern elevators directly, librarianship will cease to exist (or be radically altered) by the automation of library work.



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