Indian Libraries urged to adopt modern digital technology

Public libraries should adopt modern digital technology system which would facilitate public to avail the treasure of knowledge, said P S Vastrad, Additional Commissioner, Department of Public Instructions. New India Press reports Speaking after inaugurating a seminar on Information Technology and Libraries; organised by Department of Information and Department of Public Libraries as part of ‘National Libraries Week’ here recently, he said that most of the libraries abroad particularly in Western countries had been digitised, which would help the people get speedy and instant information of their choice. The government should make Indian libraries readers-friendly, he added.

State in India to set up libraries in slums

Chief Minister Dharam Singh today launched ambitious project to set up libraries at the centres for continuing education in the slum areas of Bangalore, at Hampinagar in Binnypet Assembly constituency on Saturday. More.

Books for Lending, Data for Taking

The NY Times (reg. req.)looks at libraries that are borrowing techniques from Amazon, Netflix and other Internet companies that keep information about their customers' purchases and preferences so they can better cater to their needs or tastes.
Yet for the libraries, privacy remains an important issue.

Tehran University Library Burnt

Evelyn writes "The reference hall of the Tehran University Law Library caught fire in the early hours of Wednesday morning; 25,000 books estimated destroyed. Cause of fire not yet determined.

News source and pictures: According to firemen, 80-90 percent of the hall has been destroyed due to the fire and the books of this sector are completely burnt. The books were an invaluable resource in the field of law and other related branches."

"Song of America" Tour and the Library of

Jay writes "Managing Information News reported an interesting story about the acclaimed singer Thomas Hampson and his eleven city 'Song of America' Tour initiated by the Library of Congress to celebrate creativity across America.


"Primary goal of the 'Song of America tour' is to reach out to young people who might not be familiar with the great depth and variety of American song and history; each stop on the concert tour will include an educational component in which Hampson will interact with students. Additionally, the Library will send its educational outreach staff to each concert city to conduct daylong teacher institutes for local K-12 educators. Invited teachers will learn how to incorporate the Library's unique online collections into their classrooms to encourage critical thinking skills among their students."

Read the full article at: Eleven-City "Song of America" Tour Featuring Recitals by Thomas Hampson Kicks Off.

See also
Librarian of Congress James H. Billington and Baritone Thomas Hampson Celebrate "Creativity Across America" with Concert in Fort Worth."


Let Bookstores Take Over for Libraries

I found this ignorant rant in my local newspaper's (Pantagraph) Letters section this morning.

In this age of information, giant bookstores with coffee shops and reading areas, why do we need public libraries that suck up taxes instead of paying them? Is there anything that public libraries are doing that Barnes & Noble couldn't at a fraction of the cost? They have lots of books, they could put in a bank of computers for public use, expand their reading areas and they certainly already are able to access any reading material the public libraries can.

I already wrote and sent my response (below):


Builidng an Online Library, One Volume at a Time

schoenbc writes "Article free this week on the Wall Street Journal's web site,

"On a recent morning at a library at the University of Toronto, Liz Ridolfo plucked a century-old book from a shelf and placed it onto an oddly shaped metal contraption. The apparatus included a desk, two sheets of glass, two digital cameras, a foot pedal and a computer.

Ms. Ridolfo, 25 years old, used the custom-made machine to convert a 462-page book -- "English Literature: An Illustrated Record, from the Age of Johnson to the Age of Tennyson" -- into a digital file that will be placed on the Internet so anyone can read it and search its contents. The task took Ms. Ridolfo two hours, longer than most books do, because of a special complication: The book included several copies of handwritten letters by authors, that folded out from the pages and were difficult to photograph.""

AK State prisons getting LexisNexis access

KTUU - Anchorage,AK Reports Soon Alaska prison law libraries won't have any books. The state Department of Corrections announced Tuesday that it has agreed to instead install computer terminals in all of Alaska's 12 prisons and jails.

LexisNexis, a private computer research firm, worked with state DOC officials to create a new Internet-based legal research system. The first of its kind and scope, LexisNexis will give inmates the same access to the latest legal findings and research.


Check-out time at the Old Library Inn

Cortez writes "Rehab a 1916 Carnegie Library, pay tribute to the long-gone librarians and offering counseling, now that's a business plan!
The Denver Post Reports:
"Four years ago, while living in a downtown Denver high-rise, Goble visited her daughter in Sterling for Mother's Day. In a twist of fate, the 1916 Carnegie Library, unused for that purpose since 1976, was on the market for $76,000. Goble bought the building, spent twice that on a charming rehab,signed up with the National Historic Register and opened as a three-room
inn. Along the way, she learned what she could about Boone and her fellow librarians, and dedicated rooms to their memories. For counseling services:"


Library love fest

JET writes " recently asked it's readers to submit comments about what they liked best about their local library and here are the results. Aw, it just makes you feel all warm inside..."



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